#MasterClassWithMentors: A Mini Crash Course on Starting a Design Firm & Running It. Are you attendi

The panel will comprise of 6 seasoned senior Women Architects & Designers sitting together to receive and respond to the questions from upcoming young architects & designers.

#MasterClassWithMentors: Special Knowledge-Sharing Session for Young Designers

“Masterclass with Mentors” is one of the ‘Highlights’ among the discussions of WADe Asia Event 2017.

The panel will comprise of 6 seasoned senior Women Architects & Designers sitting together to receive and respond to the questions from upcoming young architects & designers. Most of the questions would be filtered by the WADe Team to ensure that relevant questions go to the mentors.

Masterclass with Mentors by WADe Asia is like a small crash course in understanding how young women can start up their own firms and deal with issues related to startups that can be dealt with in a platform like WADe. The Mentors are there to answer the relevant questions curated by WADe. This unique discussion is designed to be extremely relevant for anyone who is starting up in Design/ Architecture. It is equally relevant for young firms managing the first few years of start-up challenges.

WADe India/ WADe Asia is from 28-29 October 2017 at Leela Ambience, Gurgaon. WADe Asia invites your presence in the event. Since entry is strictly by invitation, kindly register immediately at www.wadeindia.com.

About WADe Asia and WADe India event, 28-29 October 2017, Gurgaon

WADe Asia and WADe India's annual mega event will take place from 28-29 October 2017 at Hotel Leela Ambience, Gurgaon. It is the coming together of Art, Architecture, and Design for discussions, along with celebration of Work done by women architects, interior designers and artists.

A gathering of some of the best designers from India and neighbouring countries, WADe 2017 has the presence of passionate 88 year old Didi Contractor known for her sustainable creations since 60 years, alongside young emerging architects in their 20’s who are leading the change in their cities. Others are Christopher Benninger, Shimul Zaveri Kadri, Anupama Kundoo, Karan Grover,   Dean D'Cruz, Abha Narain's Lambah, Khozema Chitalwala, Canna Patel, Ashwin Lovekar, Pratap Jadhav, President (IIID), Divya Kush, President, IIA, Ace Artist Padma Bhushan Rajeev Sethi and 50 more stalwarts from the industry, making WADe an unbeatable and unmissable event.

Supported aptly by the Bhutan Institute of Architects, Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs, Society of Napalese Architects, Indian Institute of Interior Designers, Institute of Indian Interior Designers, WADe Asia 2017 has presence of Sri Lankan Architect Nela de Zoysa, President of BAI Yangki Dorji, Vice President of SONA, and representations of designers from Bangladesh.

With special sessions waiting for you like “Masterclass with Mentors”, “Designers of India, you are the Master of your destiny*”, “Time is changing”, and more, along with presentations from Padma Bhushan Rajeev Sethi, Ar. Benninger and more, you will be carrying a lot of knowledge, contacts from 2 days of presence in WADe Asia event. Expect serious discourses by stalwarts followed by gala lunch, more insightful talks and interactions followed by lots of entertainment as well. It is a mix of discussions by thought leaders, interactions of the community and joyful entertainment.


Here is a part list of the sessions that you will miss if you are not able to attend WADe Asia.
1). WADe Asia is a great opportunity to spread both knowledge and network with architects & designers from India and SAARC countries.

2). Listen to Didi Contractor. It is a rare opportunity to be able to listen to the 88 year old who is coming all the way to meet you. She has dedicated more than 2 decades of her life, building with low energy materials in the hills of North India. Steffi Giaracuni has made a documentary film on her which WADe Asia will proudly screen during the WADe Asia Festival from 28-29 October, 2017 in Gurgaon.

3). "Masterclass with mentors" is a session which is like a mini crash course about starting a firm and managing the obstacles in the first few years. Five architects who would be mentoring in this session are known not only in India but around the world for their work. They are coming together to answer some of the pertinent questions faced by start-ups and how to face the first few crucial years in design business.

4) Well known architect Sonal Sancheti from _Opolis Architects is moderating a special session, “Design Journey: Challenges and Learning”. In this session Ar. Sancheti will be discussing with some very successful designers of the country like Supraja Rao, Swanzal Kak Kapoor and Pragati Jain about their struggles and successes ending with tips for the young designers.

5). There are sessions on Slum development, Re-defining Luxury, Business of Architecture, The cusp of Art & Architecture and so much more followed by gala 5-Star Gala Lunch in both days.

6). Last but not the least, amidst a lot of serious & sensitive discussions, there will be entertainment as well. Stand up comedian Rajneesh Kapoor and Ace Bollywood singer Hema Sardesai have agreed to support this event with their performances. So, gear up and try your luck to grab a Free Seat for WADe Asia for 28-29 October (Sat & Sun) 2017. Registrations at www.wadeindia.com

7). WADe Asia is also allowing each delegate to bring 1 friend along, provided s/he is an Interior Designer or an Architect and the name is registered with us. Register at www.wadeasia.com and share with your friends as well.

About WADe Asia

WADe Asia is Asia's 1st platform for celebrating Women-led Development in Architecture, Art & Design! WADe is about documenting the progression of Women in Design. It is also about a common ground for women in creative pursuits to meet, network, learn and share.

Objectives of WADe Asia:

  • Ensuring visibility of Women-led projects
  • Bridging Mentorship between Leading & Aspiring Designers
  • Standing by those who want to come back to the profession
  •  Encouraging, Sharing & Learning through Research
  • Celebrating the Life, Work and Achievements of Women Architects, Artists & Designers
  •  Rewards & Recognition



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