Very nice and interesting discussion.

Ar Neelam Manjunath

I have been watching the successive interviews. Some of them were very good. Nice articulation.

Dr. G. Shankar Habitat Technology Group, Kerala

Awesome Mr Mario. It is always so nice to hear you talk. A great interview by Vertica Dvivedi. (Viewer of Surfaces Reporter's Brand Buzz with Mario Schmidt)

Palmira Manezes

Good knowledge for new entrepreneurs. Thank you Bhavesh bhai (Bhavesh Vermora) and Surfaces Reporter team. (Viewer of Surfaces Reporter's Leaders Talk with Bhavesh Vermora)

Amrut Zalaria

I really enjoyed the discussion. Truly inspiring. Congratulations Ar. Parul Zaveri. Thanks Surface Reporter and wish you all the best in your endeavour. (Viewer from Ar Parul Zaveri's for SR Architect of the Week)

Sumit Kaur Former Chief Architect, Dpt of Urban Planning, Chandigarh

Very good. Congratulations. This is a very innovative approach taken by Surfaces Reporter. (Commented while watching hybrid launch of Delta Faucet by Surfaces Reporter on Facebook and dps STORE Ludhiana)

Bhupendra Vyas COO, Kajaria Ceramics

Interesting discussion! I am glad I have joined at the right time. Thank you Vertica for bringing all the experts on one platform.

Mukhram Tewatia, Gurugram (Viewer from Greenply Launch Event by Surfaces Reporter)

You are doing a wonderful job. Platforms like Surfaces Reporter brings us closer to our customers by taking our message to them. Your work inspires a lot of people.

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra MD, Hansgrohe India

You are doing a wonderful job. Platforms like Surfaces Reporter brings us closer to our customers by taking our message to them. Your work inspires a lot of people.

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra MD, Hansgrohe India

In 2017, Wooden Street got an opportunity to be on the pages of Surfaces Magazine. Since then, Wooden Street has grown in every aspect. Would love to see some interesting stories about it in the Surfaces Magazine again.

Mamta Agnani Wooden Street

At the onset, I would like to share my appreciation and congratulate you, for the amazing work SURFACES REPORTER is currently doing. Have been an ardent fan of the magazine ever since I ventured into interior designing

Ms. Fasana Alisha Caesar The Zen Theory, Bangalore

SURFACES REPORTER and WADE remains my favorite media and Vertica and you my most admired duo. Do some more great work in 2021!

Ar. Tushar Desai Mumbai

SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has set a benchmark for material research in India, with its elaborate and informative journals on products and materials of interior designing and architecture. We appreciate its contribution to the field and look forward to having a continued source of material wisdom from the creators of Surfaces Reporter.

Ar. G S Mahaboob Basha and Ar. Shalini Chandrashekar Principal Designers, Taliesyn, Bengaluru

These days Surfaces Reporter can be seen everywhere, be it architects, builders or a building material provider. It has varied content which is different from the market. So I really wish you all the best for keep going and keep growing.

Bhavesh Varmor Chairman, Vermora Group

Surfaces Reporter is a great magazine. We always subscribe to it. I look forward to the digital copies. We are always excited to see the latest coverage of architecture and design.

Ram Raheja Director, S Raheja Realty, Mumbai

You are doing a wonderful job. Platforms like Surfaces Reporter brings us closer to our customers by taking our message to them. Your work inspires a lot of people.

Gaurav Malhotra MD, Hansgrohe India

You are doing a wonderful job. You really inspire us. It is an archive that you are creating which will be valuable even after 25 years. We are very poor at documenting our work and Surfaces Reporter really helps us in this regard.

Ar Hiren Patel Principal, HPA, Ahmedabad

It is a great platform to learn about the latest developments in the industry. I would suggest that you focus more on the video content and the equal representation of craftspeople on your platform. Your work on chronicling the products and professionals in the architecture industry is appreciable.

Ar Goonmeet Singh Chauhan Founder Partner, Design Forum International, Delhi

I think you should keep doing what you're doing because you're doing such a wonderful job. You’ve definitely gone beyond the space in which you're working - there is so much depth to the magazine.

Ar Rahul Kadri Principal, IMK Architects, Mumbai

Surfaces Reporter is filling a void in architectural journalism by focusing on products and materials in the form of a magazine as opposed to a catalogue. Introducing new materials that are available is important for young designers to be able to think of ideas and apply them in novel ways. We especially appreciate writing about sustainability: we need to focus more on the sustainable aspects of our designs rather than just adding on features; thinking about sustainable design today must be embedded in every project, just the way we think about lighting or spatial planning. This is a matter of urgency, and buildings in the future can be as timeless as our architectural heritage only if they are intentionally designed to be deeply in harmony with ecology rather than superficially. 

Ar. Takbir Fatima and Designer Abeer Fatima, DESIGNAWARE, Hyderabad

“Surfaces Reporter can play a leadership role by creating a platform that bridges between designers and product manufactures, by offering product launches through your networking platform. This would help the fraternity & the manufactures both to understand each other’s need & limitations/possibilities, respectively on a one-to-one basis.”

Ar. Lalita Tharani, Principal, Collaborative Architects, Mumbai

“Surfaces was launched in May 2011. In short span of time it has become a household magazine not only for Architects and Interior Designers but also people who do up their own houses without the help of professionals. The fact that they have established themselves as a seasoned magazine in a span of three years makes it a very creditable feat for Ms Vertica Dvivedi and her team. Credit goes to them for conceptualising SURFACES, to which they have done full justice. To further educate its viewership, the thought of Grand Collection Edition is an IDEA worth applauding and welcoming. I in person am in awe of their thoughtprocess and result oriented magazine. Wishing the TEAM of SURFACES REPORTER the very best for this year and years to come!”


Ar. Hoshedaar Eruch Carnac Creative Director, HEJC Architects Combine, Mumbai

SURFACES REPORTER MAGAZINE provides an informative insight to the young designers. The content is covers a range of materials products people and projects. Young Designers need to understand that good, clean and sensitive professional practice is extremely important for the benefit of the Design fraternity. We would like you to spot and feature young talent in smaller towns in order to reach out to those who work with lesser resources. The product features in the magazine are eye catching due to the full page format.

Architects Anjali and Ashwin Lovekar Lovekar Design Associates, Pune

You magazine has a specific concept unlike others and it stands out. I usually don’t read magazines but I ensure that whenever Surfaces Reporter reaches, it is circulated amongst the team. It has such a lot of information helpful for them and its very interesting.


Amit Porwal IPIPL, Mumbai

We are a furniture brand and Surfaces Reporter has allowed us to look for new products which many-a-times we have ordered a er seeing them in your magazine - a distinct approach towards the interior and architecture industry with a very refreshing and in-depth presentation.

Bubble Batra, One&Only Legendary Furniture, New Delhi

I would like to suggest this magazine to every architect & designer. It is one of the finest magazines I have come through and strongly recommend it.

Ar. N Mahesh Principal, Iyer & Mahesh Architects, Trivandrum

Your entire magazine is quite excellent! I would imagine that designers around the world would be interested in reading Surfaces Reporter!

Lundy Wilder Owner/Designer, Villa Lagoon Tile, USA

I especially liked the quality of the projects presented and the professional information of interiorism. There is a very nice balance between the images and the written information. Congratulations!

Ar. Luis Turrens Principal, Algora Rectum, Barcelona

Really appreciate the presentation of Surfaces Reporter with two thumbs up!

Ar. Samuel A. Budiono Principal, SAB & Associates, Indonesia

Your entire magazine is quite excellent! I would imagine that designers around the world would be interested in reading Surfaces Reporter!

Lundy Wilder, Owner/Designer, Villa Lagoon Tile, USA

It is really a pleasure reading ‘Surfaces’. Being an Architect myself, I really appreciate the content and the fact that it is meant not just for architects. I amsure it is going to go high!

Avlokita, Head-Architectural and Green Design, Asahi India Glass Limited

It was a wonderful issue. I must add that the endeavours of your magazine towards the task you have taken at hand are surely office has used the vendor of stone veneer recommended in your magazine very aptly.

-Ar. Annkur Khosla Annkur Khosla Design Studio,Mumbai

The articles have the Indian and international taste compiled together, I like the total magazine which has many things to read.

Ar. Canna Patel HCP Interior Architecture Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

I would like to thank Surfaces Magazine for giving pleasure to browse a magazine which gives superb quality of presentation and information. All the subscribers including students, and architects must read this to find new ideas to help in their activities.

Priyesh V Saitwadekar Lodha Group of Companies, Mumbai

I congratulate the entire team of Surfaces Reporter for leaving an interminable impression on the reader’s mind, which explains their thorough dedicated efforts.


Ar. Prem Nath Prem Nath & Associates, Mumbai

I don’t think there is any other magazine in this genre. Because of its strong graphical representation, its not going to be restricted to small arena of architectural readership. It can be equally interesting to a large cross section of readers

Ar. Sonali Bhagwati, Director, DPA, New Delhi

Surfaces Reporter has improved manifold since its inception. The diverse range of projects and materials showcased in your magazine are extremely interesting


Ar. Sanjay Puri Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai

I see a niche that was not being fully covered by publications, which Surfaces Reporter takes a close look at. Keep up the good work!  For the readers of Surfaces Reporter, I would say for a publication that goes ‘below the surface’ to check things out, you are reading the right sort of publication. I hope it educates you on aspects relating to a home or commercial space that you might not have been focusing on. Reading isprofitable, especially when you get an insider’s view on how the industry works. Keep reading!


Niranjan Hiranandani Co Founder & CMD-Hiranandani Group and President NAREDCO West

Surfaces Reporter is a very good magazine for anybody who wants to place a hand on the nerve of interior, exterior designing and architecture.

Natasha Suri Miss India 2006

Surfaces Reporter is a renowned brand today. Since last four years, I am personally communicating with the team and I appreciate the high energy you people put in the magazine.

Suresh Mansukhani Country Manager, Indian Sub Continent

I think its fantastic that finally there is a magazine that looks at materials with a serious perspective instead of being an admag. Also the quality and layout are excellent.

Malavika Tiwari Actress & Entrepreneur, Malavika Tiwari Glass Arts

My office has used the vendor of stone veneer recommended in Surfaces Reporter quite aptly.

Ar. Annkur Khosla Annkur Khosla Design Studio, Mumbai

Surfaces Reporter is the only magazine centered on interior and exterior products. I really like the magazine and have always found the content up to mark. Good luck Surfaces Reporter!

Geeta Singh VP sales & Marketing, The Rug Couture, Delhi

While renovating my home, I and my architect referred to last 10-12 issues of Surfaces Reporter. That was a great help. Now I suggest others to keep the old issues of your magazine.

Ravi Nangia, Jaipur

I think it's a wonderful magazine, it's comprehensive and detailed. I was just seeing the amount of coverage on National and international projects. It’s a wonderful format and its first time in India that somebody is dealing with material or surfaces skin of a building. We all talk about the concepts, the ideas, the philosophy behind it; but here you guys are trying to go down to the hardcore material palette and I think that’s a fantastic initiative at the end of the day.

Ar. Manish Gulati MOFA, New Delhi

A classic magazine for referring to products related to architectural & interior work. Let me know where this magazine is available in Mumbai.

Sadashivan Pillai Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

“Its a great effort. Much required! However if this could be converted into some kind of App/ web site so that it can be accessed at any time; hard copies tend to get misplaced.”

Ar. Sonali Bhagwati, Principal, Spazzio, New Delhi

“Surfaces Collector’s Edition is a good initiative. Not many suggestions but it would be good if you try new materials & also the latest processing techniques on conventional materials like stone etc.”

Ar. Aman Agarwal Chargedvoids, Chandigarh

“Surfaces Reporter has improved manifold since its inception. The diverse range of projects and materials showcased in your magazine are extremely interesting!”

Ar. Sanjay Puri Principal, Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai

In the market full of design magazines, Surfaces surely stand out due to different content and also quality of presentation. Your magazine can be a big help for youngsters/students who are starting up their career!

Ar. Neilesh Kenkare Director, ARCH-Aid, Mumbai

What a surprise and what an honor! Thank you so much for featuring our ‘Crochet’ on Surfaces Cover. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Elva de Castro Osório Boca do Lobo, Portugal

A very big Congratulations for Surfaces Reporters new office in London!

Bhagyashree Dassani Bollywood Actress & Entrepreneur

I still remember the 1st copy of Surfaces Reporter! Growth has just been tremendous! Every issue is mind-blowing and keeps me awaited for more.

Ar. Nishant Chavda N&G Associates, Hyderabad

Congratulations for increasing your reach and circulation in an extremely competitive market.

Rahul Dev Indian Actor & Entrepreneur

Compared to the past several issues of Surfaces Reporter, I felt the last issue a little bit weaker. Hoping your comings issues will be more interesting!

Jaspal Singh Tuteja Surfaces Subscriber & Wellwisher, Indore

Surfaces Reporter has excellent collection with detailed info.

Gopal Adfactors PR, Ahmedabad

I appreciate the concept of keeping designers updated with innovative materials and market trends.

Shalvi Gunani Deconcept Associates, Ahmedabad

Surfaces Reporter is an outright approach towards the complete business needs.

Vineet Agarwal Shree RadhaVallabh Distributors, Kolkata

Surfaces Reporter is a great magazine and all architects and interior designer should read & refer it!

Kedar Devi Design Connoisseurs, Nashik

Had read a few issues of Surfaces Reporter at a colleagues office and wanted to get more of them.

Nakul Gupta Entia, Mumbai

Wonderful details about the materials and great source of information to keep me updated. I am looking forward to long term association with Surfaces Reporter magazine.

Jyotika Nigam Opus Design Studio, Bhopal

Exquisitely done and well made. Also loved the aesthetics.

Eddie Chin Ethnicraft, Singapore

I found it best for finding contacts of vendors and competitive designs from other architects.

Vaidehi, Architect Kukadia, Malad (E), Maharashtra

Nice magazine and extremely useful for every architect and interior designer for latest news about constructon & interior products.

Dhiren mehta ARHAM DECO, Baroda, Gujarat

There is emphasis on material and personalities. At the same time, it would be nice to showcase projects and go deeper into actual buildings!

Ar. Raj Rewal Raj Rewal Associates, New Delhi

It was amazing to be covered by Surfaces Reporter. From the number of calls received, I could guage the popularity of this magazine. Thank you!

Ganeshan Mahadevan SAARC Head, Bisazza

Sincere thanks! I really enjoy the products you feature. Some of the manufacturing companies need to provide more information so that we know precisely where the products can be seen or ordered.

Sharad Sheth Architect & Sculptor Educator, Ahmedabad

We like this magazine. Quality of paper used and quality of printing is good. Congrats to you!

Ar. Vidya Sagar Bangalore

I’m thrilled that you decided to use images of my work, especially the cover image! The article looks great and reads very well. Many thanks and best wishes to Surfaces!

Nuala O’Donovan Sculptural Ceramist, Ireland

Good concept. Very helpful for the designers!

Shekhar Verma Sleek International, Rajkot

Excellent magazine including very impressive looking pages!

Praveen, Architect, Triangle Homez Pvt. Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala

Your Magazine is good and very nice. Worth subscribing!

Rajesh Agarwal Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Surfaces Reporter comes with a fresh presentation. It keeps me updated about the various products available in the market.

Ashwini Abhyankar Madhya Pradesh

I find it Excellent for latest information on materials.

Anup Kumar Dolatrai Desai A.D.Desai Consultant, Mumbai, Maharashtra

This interior Magazine is good and different!

Preetam Reddy Janaki Rnterprises, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Found it really interesting & well thought, something that was missing in market. Very Good magazine.

Chander Garg S.A Ceramics Pvt Ltd, Moga, Punjab

We like this magazine. Quality of paper used and quality of printing is also very good.

Vidya sagar Architects & Consultants & Values, Karnataka

Happy to browse through your smart Magazine. I would like to see last year’s magazine copies as well. Please arrange for the same. I will pay.

Shibu Mathew Mathew Interiors, Nagpur, Maharashtra

The magazine keeps on enhancing the people’s taste by providing the good stuff across. Good Job!

Jaspal Singh Tuteja Indore

We are a furniture brand and Surfaces Reporter has allowed us to look for new products which many-a-times we have ordered after seeing them in your magazine. A distinct approach towards the interior and architecture industry with a very refreshing and in-depth presentation.

Bubble Batra One&Only - Legendary Furniture, New Delhi

I just saw your company website and read about the vision, really impressive, that made me interested in your magazine.

Apurva Purvi Enterprise, Delhi

I heard from my friend that Surfaces Reporter is a good magazine for knowledge on materials.

Sridhar, Signs Visakhapatnam

I got a chance to see Surfaces magazine for the first time today. I must say, I loved the quality and the pages. Amazing articles and info.

Ar. Manish Dikshit Co-founder at Archh

It’s a novel concept which I want to explore further.

Ankit Urbanclap, Gurgaon

I love the cover designs of Surfaces Reporter. They are like eye candy to designers like me. I am equally enthused about the content and keenly follow your articles.

Nipa Shetty Bangalore

I run a showroom and was looking for a magazine centred around materials. I hope that Surfaces Reporter will help me to get the knowledge of industry & updates.

Sahil Sahni Diamond Decor, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh

Came across Surfaces Reporter through search engine. It's good and wish to know more. All the best!

Abhijeet Sonawane Anish Constrotech & Decor, Aurangabad

An architect suggested to follow Surfaces Reporter magazine. It is very nice magazine which provide in depth knowledge of products... really appreciate the hardwork.

Anil Jain Retailer, S. Balchand, Surat

According to me, the best part of this magazine is that it is not dedicated to just one material, but focuses on entire gamut of materials required for interior & construction.

Praneet Jain, Retailer Parin Engineering Solutions, New Delhi

Surfaces Reporter is a unique platform for a quick update on market knowledge. It keeps us up-to-date with the latest materials and products available.

Prashant & Anu Chauhan ZERO9 Architects

Wonderful details about the materials and great source of information to keep me updated. I’m looking forward to a long term association with the magazine.

Jyotika Nigam Opus Design Studio, Bhopal

The information provided in your magazine is amazing. Latest products update is highly informative for the design fraternity. The quality of the magazine and the content is of international standard. Truly an Amazing Reporter !!

Ar. Rakesh Vasu Hyderabad

Surfaces Reporter is the digest of interior materials in India. It is a nice source of material information.

Ar. Mayur Chotaliya Ahmedabad

I am a manufacturer. I have seen Surfaces Reporter in our architect’s office and instantly liked it. So, I would like to subcribe.

Vishwas Nutec Woodwonders, Yelahanka, Bangalore

You have created a new method of presentation, and the magazine is full of knowledge about new materials & applications!

Akshit Tholia Graphite Design Studio, Jaipur

I have seen Surfaces Reporter in a showroom and would love to explore more. Have flipped through the magazine briefly and found it informative.

Taranjeet Kaur Kloudbridge the Design Studio, Bengaluru

Surfaces Reporter is an awesome source for latest architectural solution source.

CK Jain, Director Decmore Panels

Surfaces Reporter gives a very nice platform to showcase our products and ideas. Our experience with the magazine was superb and we look forward to work with it in future.

Tarun Yadav, Head Business Development, World of Stones

I am a vivid reader of “Surfaces” and enthralled with the varied products intelligently put together!

Brian J. Vieyara House of Kyrav, European Designer Doors

Surfaces Reporter helps us with knowledge about materials in a better way.

Saroj Gupta Spin Communique, Maharashtra

It gives us a lot of information about innovation in the field of materials. I would also like to see some information about low cost materials.

Ar. Priyanka Gajawada Ira Creative Design Agency, Hyderabad, Telengana

Wonderful details about materials and great source of information to keep me updated. I am looking forward to the long term association with the magazine.

Jyotika Nigam Opus Design Studio, MP

I like the concept of the Surface Reporter very much, as it keeps one informed about the latest & trending materials available in the market & being used by people. KEEP IT UP!

Ar. Pratik Kotak Rajkot, Gujarat

Surfaces Collectors Edition Vol-2 is such an extensive work!! Really a good compilation and the efforts are clearly seen.

Ar. Thirupurasundari Sevvel Chennai

I know Surfaces Reporter for a very long time. It is the best platform for people for sourcing latest materials for interiors and exteriors. Go achieve greater heights. My best wishes to the Team Surfaces Reporter.

Nitin More Deputy General Manager, Nitco Ltd.

As a keen follower, I am amazed to see how Surfaces Reporter has reached the position where other popular interior design magazines have taken 15-20 years to reach. Keep up the growth & quality!

Rakesh Gulati Growide Impex Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Love Surfaces Reporter! It is a great place to learn about new materials that are constantly being added to our palette. As a designer, materiality is very important and I find that the magazine helps us keep abreast of all the latest and greatest usages of materials in our market.

Ar. Pavitra Sriprakash Shilpa Architects, Chennai

I saw the product Tiles Skin covered by Surfaces Reporter which was exclusively covered from an international event by the magazine. A er getting in touch with the Principles, here I am, a er one year, we are launching this product in the Indian market.

Devang J. Sarvaiya Director, Herrlich Chemicon (Tiles Skin)

Surfaces magazine is a breather amongst all the magazines surfacing around. The content is really good and intuitive!

Ashish Gupta (Yacht Designer) Director, Beyond Design, Mumbai

Surfaces Reporter is superb and very comprehesive in its content. I am sure the readers relish reading this magazine!

Ar. Oscar Concessao, Oscar & Ponni Architects, Chennai

Surfaces Reporter is among the few magazines which I enjoy reading from the first page to the last. I am proud to have subscribed this magazine!

Kshama Pawar Marigold Interiors, Ahmedabad
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