Surfaces Reporter’s - Rising Star Piyush Mehra & Priyanka P. Mehra, PS Design Mumbai

Established in 2009 as an architectural and interior design studio, PS Design was founded on the principle of ‘Life is in details’ and remains fixed in the belief that each project is unique and requires renewed inspiration.

Established in 2009 as an architectural and interior design studio, PS Design was founded on the principle of ‘Life is in details’ and remains fixed in the belief that each project is unique and requires renewed inspiration. Great design is our foundation. From this foundation we are making spaces that are well executed, timeless and have a powerful design that makes an impact in people’s lives. Spearheaded by Piyush Mehra and Priyanka P. Mehra, with on-going projects across the country, the PS Design team is well versed with work across both residential and commercial sectors. The studio has won several accolades including IIID ‘2012 Best in Retail Design and Architects and Interiors India, iGEN Top 50 Architects for 2017. The works of the design studio have been published widely. The studio currently works with acclaimed builders including Kalpataru, Evershine and Mahagun Builders, while also meeting the needs of individuals for their highend private residences in India and abroad.

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SR - Tell us how you both started out with PS design, and individually.


PS Design - Priyanka: I graduated in architecture from Apeejay School of Architecture and Planning with top honors. I subsequently went on to work with Architect Hafeez Contractor, where I worked for over 5 years. The international exposure and work experience I received there, while working with some of the best architects and designers across the world, made a big difference to my career.


Piyush: I graduated Gold Medalist in Architecture from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. I was working in Paris with French Architect Dominique Perrault in 2012. I decided to return to India in Mid 2012, and joined Priyanka as the Principal Architect at P S Design.


SR - What draws you to your projects and how do you approach each project.


PS Design - The field of Architecture and Interior Design entails a lot more than conventional design in today’s time. One thing, however, that remains, is the thrill of seeing your designs come to a reality. Afte all the wandering and pushing up things, end of the day this is still MAGIC. This is what drives us. We approach every project as our first and every client as our last. We give our 100% every time we sit to design.


SR - Having designed builder projects as well as high end luxurious apartments, tell us about the challenges and positives in both.


PS Design - Builder projects are like glaciers, slow in speed but extremely relevant in terms of the outcome and effect to our society. As a designer the onus of responsibility is manifold – right from the economic constrains to the impact on the environment. Our job is to deliver an economic and functionally sustainable product.


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High-end luxurious apartments, on the other hand, are like sports cars – fast in speed but requiring the utmost level of care and sophistication to drive them. We are required to take care of the clients’ requirements, make the space looks opulent, and take care of the functionality at the same time.


‘Falling Waters’ by legendary Architect FL Wright and ‘Kanchenjunga Apartment’ by legendary Indian Architect Charles Correa are our two personal favorite buildings.


SR - Where is interior design headed for luxury projects in India currently – Minimalism or is it moving towards Maximalism?


PS Design - Minimalism is the new ‘Maximalism’ in today’s time. Gone are the days when designing spaces meant filling it with articles. We see a bright future for the luxury industry because more and more people are opening up to doing minimalistic designs.


SR - Your inspirations and Aspirations.


PS Design- We travel a lot. We see the world through our own perspective. That perspective is Design. Travel inspires us to see different and do different. The aspiration is to deliver an exquisite design product every time our name calls.


SR -  What role does Art play in your projects?


PS Design - Art is what defines us as a species. It is the most integral part of our design philosophy and is evident with all our projects.


We believe that if a designed space is the physical body, then Art is its Astral dimension– it is what connects it with life.


SR - Tell us about the use of materials in your projects. What defines the choice and do you also work with upcycled and recycled materials in your high end projects.


PS Design - We are very careful in cherry-picking of materials for our projects. Most of the materials selected are budget-driven keeping in mind the sustainability of a particular project. Besides budget, it is the kind of mood we wish to bestow to a certain space that decides the eventual material selection. We have worked immensely with recycled materials in a lot of our projects. We do not call it recycling – we call it Re-iterating of the soul.


“We have worked immensely with recycled materials in a lot of our projects. We do not call it recycling – we call it Re-iterating of the soul.”


SR -  2 things about PS Design Studio that you would want the industry and clients to know.


PS Design - At P S Design, we are a bunch of highly motivated people who will always give you the best and honest advise and never falsify any of the commitment we make.


Also, we aim for excellence at any given point of time. This gives us a certain cache of enthusiasm to drive your project to a proper completion.


Few projects by PS Design, Mumbai


An Eclectic, Adaptable Home for Actor Kushal Tandon


Radhika - Redeveloping a 40 Year Old Home in Pune


A Blend of Modern with Old World Charm for Actress Monica Bedi


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