GLOW: Award-winning Chandelier Design by Ranim Orouk

Ranim Orouk is an architect who has a passion for art & design. Orouk was awarded The Middle East Emergent Designer Prize in 2016, for her Glow chandelier.

Ranim Orouk is an architect who has a passion for art & design. Ranim received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah in 2015. Born in Syria and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ranim has had the privilege of experiencing differed cultures. Her main interest is exploring the impacts of politics and social change on settlements in areas of conflict and war. 

Orouk was awarded The Middle East Emergent Designer Prize in 2016, for her Glow chandelier. On winning The Middle East Emergent Designer Prize in 2016 Orouk said, “I am so thankful and honoured that my work was selected for this year’s Middle East Emergent Designer Prize. Many factors helped me win; however, I believe that the relationship between form and function that I implemented was a key aspect. The ability to translate the conceptual idea into a tangible product was also very essential”.

Orouk’s Work at Dubai Design Week 2017

Glow is a chandelier inspired by the effervescence of jellyfish. It challenges common production methods by combining traditional glass-blowing with the advanced digital fabrication techniques of 3D printing. Glow can be used as either a ceiling chandelier or a floor lamp, combining traditional glassblowing and 3D printing production methods. Spheres made of 3D printed glass are fused using curved acrylic rods that mimic the form of jellyfish legs. Once lit, the transmission of light throughout the piece emphasizes the radiance emitted from a bloom of jellyfish


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