8 Things to keep in mind while Buying Wall Panels

Decorative Wooden Wall Panel Designs

With so many materials available, both the client and designer are spoilt for choice. A number of factors influence the choice of panel to be used. These include type of products, design concept, project duration and cost for the same.

Availability of the right design in desired quantity also poses some selection restriction, especially in commercial projects wherein the wall panels play a major role in enhancing the complete look. Ideally, your choice should rhyme with your designing theme if you are using wall panels for just decorative purpose.

A number of factors influence the choice of panel to be used. These include type of products, design concept, project duration and cost for the same.

Here are the key considerations one should make while selecting the wall panels:

1. Choose the wall for panelling which is most visible and can be the centre of attraction.

2. In rooms where kids play around choose sturdy materials without decorative corners or embellishments so that both the kids and the panelling are safe.

3. Do not ignore the thickness of wall panelling especially for small rooms. Avoid heavy decorations.

4. Buy some extra panels and keep them safe in case you need repair or replacement in future. Since designs change very fast in wall panels, it is not wise to expect that the dealer would be able to supply same design in future.

5. Make sure to caution the maids regarding cleaning of special panels as per manufacturer’s instructions, for longer life span.

6. If your home is near to the road where dust accumulates fast, it is better not to choose jaali patterns or materials which are difficult to clean.

7. You may opt for mirrored panels to make any space look bigger. However, take care not to use too many of mirrors as it causes unrest and distracts the mind.

8. Compare/weigh the factors – Cost, Installation time and hassle, Longevity, Maintenance, Individual/occupants choice. Choose the product which weighs more as per your need.

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