10 Kitchen Design Trends For 2018: Top Tips from the Experts

Kitchen designs have changed a lot over the decades. There was a time when the kitchen was viewed as a utilitarian space that was hidden in the back of the house.

Kitchen designs have changed a lot over the decades. There was a time when the kitchen was viewed as a utilitarian space that was hidden in the back of the house. But today, it has become the focus of the home, the place that brings every member of the family together at the start or end of the day.

Also, the idea of the kitchen as a living space is becoming more popular these days because of the rise of smaller dwelling units across the world. And, therefore, homeowners are paying more attention to decorate and renovate the kitchen that matches with the design and finishes used in the living area.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, knowing the latest kitchen trends will be helpful. With advice from the experts in Kitchen design arena, Rupali Naik, Chief Designer, A Design Studio and Sukriti Sharma, Director, Plüsch Decor, we are presenting here the top  kitchen trends we expect to see in 2018...Let’s get into it.

1. Kitchen Entertainment Systems:

The year also sees designers and home owners giving special importance to the kitchen entertainment systems. Cooking will be much more interesting and fun with the help of built-in music and entertainment systems.

2. Push Open Drawer Systems and Cabinets:

Push open drawer systems and cabinets continue to rule in 2018 and probably many more years to come.

Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas 

3. Comfort and Convenience:

The ease of use and convenience will continue to influence people purchase decisions in 2018. People will opt for ergonomically driven hardware in the kitchen. It has a bi-fold mechanical system that helps to adjust counter heights.

4. Adjustable Dining Counters:

Modern hardware is making it more and more possible to create inclusive designs for the kitchen. This is something that is seen easily in the form of adjustable dining counters that can be attached to the kitchen platforms. The adjustable counter not only connects the dining and kitchen areas but also makes sure that it serves as a space saving technique for the users.

5. Concealed Bar Counters And Storage Spaces:

As design steps forward with the help of innovative hardware, ideas such as concealed bar counters and storage spaces take birth. 2018 is set to be all about making the most of the space that you have on hand. This implies that you can expect your designer to propose building a bar counter or a storage unit right into your kitchen counter with the possibility of it popping out of the counter surface when it is needed.

6. Stone Finishes For Vertical Surfaces:

The year 2018 is all about stone and sophistication. Stone finishes for vertical surfaces in the kitchen is expected to be a trend that will take the year by storm. This is something that is extremely practical for maintenance apart from it being aesthetically pleasing.

7. A Matt Glass Surface for Wall Units:

A matt glass surface for wall units is an interesting element that is becoming increasingly popular and will continue in 2018. This gives a high-end touch to the kitchen design, but comes at a significant cost. Glass is one of the most expensive finishes for kitchens in any case, and matt glass doors are toughened and often treated with scratch-resistant materials, which further add to the cost.

8. Dynamic Design Options:

Open kitchens are highly preferred among users as well as designers because of the feeling of space that they provide to the house. However, the need for providing design relief also becomes essential in the making of the open kitchen. This is one of the biggest reasons why dynamic design options such as fish tanks at the bottom of island platforms are used.

9. Variable Depths:

Kitchen planners are these days increasingly making use of units of variable depths. The combinations of such units add a greater depth and texture to kitchen walls. Open units often have a lesser depth than their closed counterparts and add an interesting play in the kitchen.

10. Automation in the Kitchen Area:

One of the biggest innovations in the field of kitchen hardware is seen in the form of automation. The year 2018 is expected to become a huge platform of possibilities for the use of automation in the kitchen area. Designers are hoping to place complete control and operation of the kitchen area right into the smart phones of kitchen users.

This year, we can expect that the kitchens of the modern times will be much more aesthetic, advanced and convenient to use. However, the most of it depends on the kind of kitchen hardware that we choose to use


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