How to Decorate Your Interiors With Mirrors

A Mirror is a valued element of any interior. Consciously or unconsciously, you see it every day. When placed in a room, a mirror creates an entire spectrum of effects that enhance the beauty or the room manifold.

A mirror is a valued element of any interior. Consciously or unconsciously, you see it every day. When placed in a room, a mirror creates an entire spectrum of effects that enhance the beauty or the room manifold. It adds a desired amount of quirk to an otherwise understated space. Moreover, with the help of stylish mirrors, we can make the space look more beautiful, more lively, more comfortable, larger and brighter.

Surfaces Reporter got in-depth about the new and finer of application ideas of mirrors and spoke to the team of leading lifestyle mirror brand – Vetromoda to give a few interior design tips on how to decorate the interiors with mirrors… Here’s what we’ve found!

Expand a Narrow Space

Everyone dreams of a bigger house, or a bigger-looking-house for that matter. You can put any mirror which fits in the narrow space which makes the room and particular space look bigger and large i.e. rectangular and large decorative mirrors.

 Add a style

A decorative mirror can pose as showstopper in any drawing room, bed room or even your office, you can place any mirror which suits the look and feel of the space, which could be round, Decorative rectangular or even a light mirror can do wonders to glorify your interiors.

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Introduce Color Drama

Any shape of mirror can be placed to match the color scheme of your drawing or bed room or even your office space. Just match the color of Mirror or mirror frame with the furniture of even a rug, it’s a great example of using a mirror to reflect your décor theme in the subtlest of ways.

Think Tall

Mirrors can come in unusual sizes if they’re salvaged from hotels or department stores. The tall mirror has definite impact in a dining space, reflecting the simple glass centerpiece or area which is large or empty. Its tall, skinny dimensions add gravitas to the symmetrical arrangement and will enhance the light emanating from opposite reflection when guests arrive.

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Add interest to Recesses

This clever design trick – mirror-backed recessed shelving – makes the space feel both luxurious and extra deep. LED lights can lend a further dimension to the feature, highlighting the mirrors without making the space too bright and dazzling.

Break the Mould

If you want to break the mould and make the space more interesting you can add any decorative mirror which can break the monotony of the space and make the entire look more vibrant and stylish.


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