Hyderabads Corbel House by Kamath & Rozario

The team of Kamat & Rozario Architecture took inspiration from old Kerela Architecture to construct this alluring Corbel House.

The team of Kamat & Rozario Architecture took inspiration from old Kerela Architecture, such as – the verandah that wrapped the living spaces all around, the appearance of a heavy masonry base on the ground floor, with thick arches and carved columns and a first floor which appeared to be lighter in terms of materials and overall treatment. 

The most distinguished part of traditional Kerala house architecture is its carved columns that were adopted but with a modern twist. The columns were shaped using steel sheet, cut out to match the silhouette of a traditional column and positioned as a cross. These columns frame the front of the house and sit on a large steady overhanging balcony. The overhang in the front not only protects the south façade but also allows for ample cross ventilation.

Kerala Architecture Ideas in 2021-The corbel House The Front Of The House With Large Overhanging Balcony

The two sides of the structure showcase the strong presence of exposed brick masonry. The earthy terracotta colour makes an immediate connection with the materiality of Kerala architecture. It also stands in sharp contrast to the light metal balconies pushing through in the front and rear.

In order to highlight the openness in the front and rear, openings in the masonry are kept minimal. The undulating brick masonry is a playful depiction of a Mangalore tiled roof surface – another element seen extensively in Kerala.

Corbel House

 The Exposed Brick Masonry inside the House

The masonry expands to allow for openings and is constructed using the Flemish bond. Because the brick gradually corbels outwards, its negative imprint is noticed on the inner side – nearly as an acknowledgment of the drama outside! The house is powered by solar panels placed on the roof of the structure.

Project Details

Architects:  Kamat & Rozario Architecture
Location: Bangalore, India
Year of Completion: 2018
Photo credits: Niveditaa Gupta & Lester Rozario
Area:  3650 sq.ft
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