Spyce: A Fully-Automated Restaurant Invented by MIT Students

MIT engineering students Braden Knight, Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, and Luke Schlueter invented a completely automated mini-restaurant, named Spyce Kitchen that will cook and serve meals in less than 3 Minutes. The team feels that a robotic kitchen could revolutionize the fast food industry. This kitchen will comprise a dishwasher, stovetop, refrigerator and 7 robot chefs.

Automated Spyce Kitchen-MIT SPYCE Kitchen

The MIT Spyce Kitchen Team

At Spyce, customers will just need to order a meal by touching a screen next to the machine or using a smartphone app. Once the robots get the signal, they get to work of collecting ingredients and transporting them into automatic woks. These were then mixed and cooked at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the food is cooked, the system pours the meal on a plate, and the empty wok is rotated to the sink through a conveyer belt and cleans itself.


The Automated Spyce Kitchen

Currently, the robot features, five meals, including chicken-bacon sweet potato hash, shrimp andouille jambalaya, winter veggie mac and with sesame rice, chickpea coconut curry on couscous and cheese chilli-lime beef. And two meals can be made at the same time.


There is a myriad of sensors in the kitchen that checks the food quality and temperature. According to the MIT students, the device will only cover 20 Sq ft of space and can prepare almost half the amount of food as average full-sized fast food restaurant.

With such advancements in technology, the day does not seem too far when the fast food joints would ultimately bring a food from seed to bowl.


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