From Scrap to Solutions: Dhara Kabaria

Dhara explained the possibilities we have with scrap by showcasing various projects done through her firm- Studio Alternatives.

Dhara Kabaria from Studio Alternatives spoke about ‘From Scrap to Solutions’ and how everything can become something.

Dhara Kabaria

Dhara explained the possibilities we have with scrap. “To use these kind of materials all we need is to experiment, keep finding new ways how we can utilize these scrap and create desirable solutions and also keep focussed on what is being discarded and what is its potential and while doing this major challenges are to collect, to think and to store these scrap” she said. “Also to find you require skill set, to acquire them, make them work is the major challenge. Also there is another major challenge which I would say is to make the client understand how much effort it goes behind these projects and what the cost is. There are lot of hidden areas where the cost is there, to collect, to have a material which is bought newly and to collect same amount of material there is a huge amount of time and resources which are differently required” adds Dhara on the challenges such a concept faces.

Dhara Kabaria from Studio Alternatives

The lady showcased various projects done through her firm. “There is a farmhouse which is like an in-house project, where we have used around 60% materials which is discarded. Few of them are there on the slide, windows, porcelain wood, tyres, thermocol packaging as an explanation, ACP panels, old drum, old furniture, frame and stuff like that, these are few to mention,” she said.

Dhara Kabaria from Studio Alternatives

At last she spoke about her unique concept called – The ScrapLab. “It is a collection of scrap which has segregated all the materials which are either discarded but they are a raw material and meanwhile we have collaboration with lot of creative people who can come and work with us and there are couple of Artist & Designers who are already designing with our scrap” she elaborated.

Studio Alternatives

Woven mats from thin plastic bags

“We are planning to make it more open for a lot of other groups in Pune or maybe outside as well,” reveals Dhara on her future plans for her lab.

Artist & Designers

Diary made with an old sari, foil packet waste and recycled paper

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