State-Of-The-Art Underfloor Heating & Cooling System from REHAU

‘Underfloor Heating and Cooling system’ from REHAU is one such easy and effective way to keep the office or home environment comfortable without spending an extra penny on the energy bill.

Big things in life come in small packages. Reduce your power bills by just taking a step towards smarter choice of installing energy efficient systems in homes and offices.

‘Underfloor Heating and Cooling system’ from REHAU is one such easy and effective way to keep the office or home environment comfortable without spending an extra penny on the energy bill.

So then let us understand what is ‘Underfloor Heating &Cooling (UFHC)’ and how does it work.

This system involves laying a network of pipes under the floor structure. Depending on the requirement of heating and cooling, warm or cold water is passed through these pipes. As the floor becomes warmer/cooler than the air of the room, there is a transfer of energy in form of radiation which results in increase/reduction in the air temperature.

Underfloor Heating & Cooling system from REHAU

Advantages of UFHC:

Lending an element of luxury to your residential and office space, this system has many benefits:

  • Reduction in Energy bill: The energy consumption of this system is far lesser than the traditional air conditioners, resulting in the final output of lowering your electricity bills
  • Environment friendly: It uses water which is a renewable source of energy for cooling/heating the interiors. It also results in better air quality & less air pollution as compared to the traditional airconditioners.
  • Comfortable:It helps you maintain a temperature which is the most comfortable and convenient for you.
  • Adds to the aesthetics of the interiors: It gives you more space to add that extra touch to your creativity in designing your interiors. You do not have to care about where to install the airconditioners,as the entire pipework is done underfloor.

Application Areas:

From residential buildings to commercial constructions, industrial spaces, this system can be installed anywhere when it comes to providing the customers with the utmost modern system solution.

So next time you plan to renovate your house or construction of a new property, don’t forget to make the smart choice – get REHAU’s underfloor heating and cooling system to give that stylish and skilful touch to you abode or office.


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