How Changing Showerhead Can Improve Your Bath Experience

Renovating a bathroom is always a tedious task which is why people, rather than making the changes, keep themselves hooked on to the same bath fittings, accessories etc.
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Renovating a bathroom is always a tedious task which is why people, rather than making the changes, keep themselves hooked on to the same bath fittings, accessories etc. for years, enduring the constant pain of either a bad product or a fitting. A lack of knowledge prevails here that stops from trying anything new as people are afraid that it might not be compatible with the existing plumbing and the product would get wasted. With this article, SURFACES REPORTER brings to you some easier ways of altering your bathing experience without actually taking the trouble of major renovation changes.

The Beauty of Showers

Sotriaby Brizo®

The Beauty of Showers

The days are long gone when there was little technology in showerheads, and all they used to do is to fragment water in thousands tiny droplets for a quick bath. A modern-day bathroom, along with many interesting technological advancements, boasts of showers that are meant to deliver a power-packed performance. Over the last few years, improvements in materials, technology and processes have enabled new, exciting, more stylish and water efficient showering experiences, says Ravi Nindwani, MD, Delta Faucet Company, India.

Packed with sophisticated technologies like water saving, spray control and music player etc., the modern day showers are meant for providing experiences like bathing in an actual waterfall or rain that leaves you feeling elated and refreshed. The water coming from these showers cover maximum area while actually consuming lesser in quantity. Such showers have become a common place today. Most global brands’ collections boasts of these powerful showers including Delta (H20kinetic®,
In2tion® & HydraChoice™), Grohe (Rainshower® F-digital), Kohler (DTV+, Rainforest & Moxie), Hansgrohe (Raindance), Fima (Cloud & Modular)
etc., that are not only high on aesthetics with availability of finishes like chrome, silver, matt and gold but are power-packed performers too. 

“Showerhead plays very important role in aesthetics of the bathroom as well as on the environment. It is vital to splurge on showers which plays key role in saving water and to change the look of the bathroom. People are eliminating tubs & adding bigger area to bathing, makes sense for shower to be of apt design according to the theme of bathroom. If someone really wants to enjoy bathing, a correct showerhead is a must,comments Aman Anand, Director, Fima Jal Faucets Pvt. Ltd.

Showerhead Can Improve Your Bathing Experience

Cloud shower by Fima

Change is Possible

So when there is a lot of availability of interesting showers in the market, why one must stick to his old, excessive water consuming shower. Often people, particularly having a luxurious bathroom, get worried when it comes to change as they perceive any change in bathroom would require a lot of money, time and simultaneous efforts, something which can be easily avoided if you decide to change only your showerheads.

During our research, Surfaces Reporter has found that in India, people are still not very much concerned about the shape of showerhead and a shower being oval, round or square doesn’t create much difference. However, irrespective of the shape, there are few considerations that need to be taken care of while replacing your showerhead. As per experts, the most crucial thing is the weight of the shower. In luxury bath, often people mistake large overhead showers to be the better ones 

without considering the fact that they are not only heavy water consuming but also put an enormous LOAD on the existing plumbing. Therefore, you can opt for showerheads which are 5-8 inches in size that are easily bearable by the shower pipe which is already installed.

“There are three important considerations - most shower arms installed in India have male threads which are called G1/2” threads. So you must ensure that the new showerhead you choose should have G1/2” female threads. And then you must take care that the show arm itself is strong enough to take the weight of the showerhead - so don’t choose too large a shower - large showers end up wasting a lot of water anyway! Another point to consider is whether your existing showerhead is a ceiling-mount or a wall-mount design and then you should replace it with a new showerhead of a similar configuration,” says Ravi Nindwani, MD, Delta Faucet Company, India.

Mr. Anand from Fima stresses, “It is important to understand & address while buying new shower whether the new showerhead needs pressure pump. Many times it happens that customer even after paying hefty amount for shower doesn’t get the satisfactory flow because the house has old piping being installed and cannot handle the pressure from the pump, so it is preferred not to use a very big showerhead in that case. Another important factor to know is the installation of the shower, how many inlets does a shower need. It depends on the kind of flows shower provide, it can be mist, cascade, rain, or all three, so is there a provision for that kind of shower? Or is there space to put such a shower because some showers are supposed to be concealed in the ceiling. Do you wish to break the ceiling or it can be other way around that you are in so much love with the shower, that you can make false ceiling for that. But the best and easy solution is single inlet shower with asymmetrical shapes which can clearly lift the whole bathroom experience.”


Showerhead Can Improve Your Bathing Experience

H2Okinetic® Shower

Fresh Look, Great Experience, New Joy

The beauty of showers lies in the fact that they are one of the most hassle-free products in a bathroom when it comes to replacement while everything else be it a bathtub, basin or faucet require considerate efforts and time. Then, there is a water factor also. Everyone loves a showering experience but when it comes at a cost of spending gallons of water during times when every drop of water is precious, it is really not worth. Therefore, Surfaces Reporter feels that in order to get a renewed bathing experience, one can atleast opt for changing the showers. This is the most easy and convenient way to change the look of your bathroom while enhancing your bath experience.

“You can now install shower heads which show you the temperature of water (through a number as well as colour) before you step into your shower - a real blessing in the winter season or when a baby has to be bathed, " says Ravi Nindwani, MD, Delta Faucet, Company, India

There are shower heads which have special water ways inside which create a wave like pattern and bigger droplets - giving you the feeling of more water, without using more water. If you are missing a hand shower because your bathroom was built years ago, the In2ition® shower head actually has a hand shower embedded INTO the shower head which can be detached or docked back in anytime. You can also install multi-function shower heads which are available across various price points and which offer varied shower experiences from massage to soothing rain showers. If your budgets allow you to change a few other items along with the shower heads, you can create a brand new, stylish ambience using new finishes like Polished Nickel and Cocoa Bronze with coordinated lights, mirrors and accessories. A shower head is one of those installations in the bathroom that is the easiest to change.


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