An Aesthetically Pleasing Penthouse With Brilliant Décor in Baroda by Kush Vadodariya

Inventiva is an Interior Designing firm started in the year 2015 with a vision to make every home cite a beautiful story. Everyone desires have a dream home of own and to décor it artistically, Inventiva was established.

Inventiva is an Interior Designing firm started in the year 2015 with a vision to make every home cite a beautiful story. Everyone desires have a dream home of own and to décor it artistically, Inventiva was established. The Principal designer and founder of the firm, Designer Kush Vadodariya proffers aesthetic and classic designs in his every project.

Inventiva has a team of passionate interior designers who endeavor to adorn the houses. They decorate every home with detailed work and strive to make every possible available space colorful and wonderful.

architectural and interior design-Kush Vadodariya

Designer: Kush Vadodariya

At Inventiva, your living space or workplace is created with the aura of your demand and comfort you with the turnkey solutions. Our work is expanded all over Gujarat and around. We reach to our clients at any place to provide them the best solutions.

An Overview of Patel’s Penthouse

The Inventiva team has recently completed a Project of furbishing the Penthouse of Mr. Nikunj Patel in Baroda, Gujarat under the stewardship of the principal designer, Designer Kush Vadodariya. They gave a dramatic change to the old house with the blend of tradition and modern art. The Penthouse is around 4000 sq.ft. in size and a lot of patterns, colors and different lightings have been used to makeover the abode.

Entrance Embellished With Geometrical Shapes

The Entrance has been embellished with various geometrical shapes which have been painted with metallic shade. We have attempted to blend the Nature’s art of geometry with human’s state of the art technology and giving it a finishing look of the abundant art of geometry.

Interior Designing firm

Stunning Symmetrical Geometrical Shapes in the Foyer

The foyer is adorned with symmetrical geometrical shapes just as the entrance has in order to maintain the similar look of both the premises. Here, the foyer has been distinguished from the entrance with different colors on wall painting. The designs are made with such details that connect both the areas with the stupendous work of geometrical shapes.

Living Room: A Perfect Mix of Traditional and Modern

The Kota stone has been used as a wall cladding with the groove inside and filled with epoxy which again creates the geometrical identity of the space. Rustic wall texture has been used on other walls to create a traditional sensation with modern looks. The ceiling has been illuminated with umpteen hanging lamps on the site while they are actually the candles. The same appearance has been continued to show in 3 areas: living room, dining, and kitchen. Partition of wooden strips highlights the composition of geometrical lines which partially hide direct vision of Pooja area.

A Wow Kitchen

Inventiva kitchen

The kitchen and dining area has been delineated with soft down-lightings to enjoy every meal. The tiles are engraved with kitchen related graphics. For tiling the platform, Kalinga stone has been used and rustic tiles are engraved with the uniform pattern above the platform. Rest of the kitchen area has a finished coating of PU paint. The aluminum profile is used with back painted glass for overhead cabinets.

God is Here- The Pooja Room

Puja Room

The divine Pooja Room is crafted with enchantments and pleasing yellow lightings. The door is engraved with the Swastik pattern along with the holy symbol of OM and Gayatri mantra in MDF sheet and finished with PU paint. The reason for using OM and Gayatri mantra is to charm the holy area with the presence of God & Goddess. 

Lord Buddha’s Abstract Painting in the Parent’s Room

The parent’s bedroom has been crafted with Lord Buddha’s abstract painting and the ceiling has been mounted with fixed white lulling lights. The rustic texture has been applied to the walls and is painted with a dark shade of paint. There are circular geometrical art pieces has been used to maintain the classy aura of the parent’s bedroom. Full height wardrobe has been placed and coated with veneer and back painted glass. To compliment it sheer curtains have been used to its full height which fulfills the purpose of keeping the room simple yet pleasant.

The Epitome of Growth – The Staircase

Staircases are designed using wooden arrows escalating upwards which depicts the constant growth.  These wooden arrows are fixed in MS pipes and painted with PU paint which enhances their beauty with longevity.  Pendant fixtures are carved on the wooden ceiling which creates beautiful drama on the wall and enriches sheer curtains.

Cycling Through the Passage


As the family is a Travel bug the first-floor Passages has been crafted based on the theme travelling. The passage has been crafted with the globe studded in its wheel and myriad famous buildings of the world are emerging in its periphery wherein one can ease themselves.

An Attention-Grabbing Master Bedroom


The Master Bedroom has a relaxing lounge for the couple, a side of the wall has been given a rustic look of the exposed bricks combining it with Veneer and Textured MDF sheet and to add its charm the other side of the wall is adorned with the couple’s portrait. The rest of the room is beautified with the Pendant fixtures to illuminate the mood and to complement the couple’s love for reading a corner of the master bedroom has been given a library look also to entice the same Human anthro positions has been used.

The Luxurious Element of the Master Bedroom - The Garden

The garden is equipped with the hanging swings and the roof shed has been embellished with geometrical patterns. The major wall has been given the metallic shade and the LED Lights are adding its charm to the Chinese Mascots.

Home theatre with the Tapping Beats

Home Theatre has been given an acoustic feel with the finishing touch of fabric and glass wool. The room has been emblazoned with the famous Bollywood dialogues cut and overlapped on the wall which has the finishing touch of PU Coat.

Sparkles in Sister’s Bedroom

A contemporary look has been given to the room using blue, grey and white colours with veneer along with back painted glass to beautify the ambience which adds the glitter to space.

Project Details

(1) Designing Firm: - INVENTIVA STUDIO 
(2) Interior Designers: - KUSH VADODARIYA AND ANIL PARMAR 
(5) Completion Year: - 2017 
(6) Area: - 3800 Sq.Ft 
(7) Client: - NIKUNJ PATEL 
(9) Photography: - TEJAS SHAH

Material Chart

(1)  Kota Stone (Living Room Wall and Kitchen Flooring ) 
(2) Veneer 
(3) Candle Stand as Lamps (In Between Living Room, Kitchen and Dining) 
(4) Back Painted Glass 
(5) Rustic Texture (Living Room and ground floor bedroom )
(6) Exposed Brick (Master Bedroom ) 
(7) M.S Pipe as Staircase Railing.

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