A Mindboggling Upside Down House in Zakopane, Poland

The most beautiful part of this house is that everything in the house- whether it is chair, table or even the toilet and bed- is put upside down. The photos on the wall and the clock are also hung upside down.

Poland gained popularity as a tourist destination since the Upside Down House or Dom do Góry Nogami had been constructed there. Situated in Zakopane, Poland, this incredible house was designed by businessman Daniel Czapiewski in 2007. Due to its bizarre form, this house receives more and more visitors every year.

Building Facades Design-Upside Down House in Zakopane

The most beautiful part of this house is that everything in the house- whether it is chair, table or even the toilet and bed- is put upside down. The photos on the wall and the clock are also hung upside down. The house seems disoriented, and you may feel dizzy a little while entering all the rooms of the house but it is a worth watch for first time visitor. The feeling of a walk on the ceiling is also great. 

Upside Down House in Zakopane

A timber construction company, Danmar, took this project. Instead of a normal time of finishing it in just 21 days, the company took around 114 days to finish construction work of the house. This delay in the project is due to the breaks workers had to take because of the disorient design and the strange angles of the walls. 

Upside Down House in Zakopane

The purpose of creating this upside down house was to showcase the political and cultural state of Poland during the time country was in the Soviet Union. So, it is said that at that time, the entire nation appeared to have been turned upside down like this house. That time is considered to be the worst era in the history of Poland. So, this house was built just to mock at the system of Soviet Union that they had to obey.  Even the interior of the house seems exactly like the houses in Communist-era Poland in the 1970s.

Upside Down House in Zakopane

You can enjoy the strange beauty of this house at only 2€. The beautiful location has also made the Zakopane town a fantastic mountain resort. The amazing surrounding areas of this place make it ideal for skiing in summer and hiking in winter. As the Zakopane has become a popular tourist destination, you can also expect crowds of people visiting there.


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