12 Shades of Bathroom Trends

Colours, shades and tints do play a pivotal role in projecting any scenario and when it comes to bathrooms, well elegance in colour technique matters to most.

Colours, shades and tints do play a pivotal role in projecting any scenario and when it comes to bathrooms, well elegance in colour technique matters to most. ISH 2019 is coming up with some new colour schemes in their bathroom trends and we can’t wait to have a brief outlook of the colour schemes chosen.

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Grey provides a contrast to richer colour tones. Grey – a mix of white, black with a touch of secrecy - proves itself a multitalented shade that can complement practically any and every colour family. The trend towards a modern bathroom with long-term durability is encouraging the use of this gentler shade. This mid-shade is no newcomer to the bathroom. But, in the upcoming season, it is precisely the greys that will find their place in the timeless modern bathroom.



The colour palette of modern architectural and interior design would be unthinkable without the inclusion of Greige; it reminds us of the natural surroundings, the country house and is also a little reminiscent of the flooring in a New York loft. It goes equally well with a light-hearted vintage look as it does with a minimalist industrial style.

Very recently, we are also observing the comeback of various shades of brown. Increasingly, interior designers are choosing neutral and warm natural colours, in order to make the bathroom cosier. The secret lies in the underlying tones – be it mud, clay or terracotta; bronze or rust; olive, pine forest or cedar wood; powder or taupe. Brown can be interpreted in two ways:  either as an organically inspired spectrum, which is frequently combined with natural materials to create a harmonious colour palette, or as an allusion to past styles, that is artistic.



As befits a warm colourway, gold creates optical highlights in the bathroom. Along with platinum and copper, this precious metal has become a ready highlight of bathroom design. Thus, for instance, wash basins are plated with genuine gold leaf and walls, too, are painted in shades of gold. Black, on the other hand, continues to constitute a clear statement of individuality. Black is noble, elegant and modern at one and the same time. In a mix of materials with marble – black-and-white or greenstone, which is particularly popular at the moment – and leather, black has turned into an extravagant classic.

Zanderi design

Zanderi design

In a more rustic combination with lacquered metal furniture, wood and concrete, on the other hand, black is a fitting accompaniment for an industrial style. Even the tap manufacturers too are going with this trend. New manufacturing techniques make it possible to offer darker colour gradients down to deep black. Colour palette representing a combination of several colours of the same brightness and quality are, the most demanding and, at the same time, most individual in this context. But it can be done in all areas of colour. The important thing is that one colour should set the tone and three or four others then work together to help create the harmony of the overall impression.

With boldly chosen colours, tone-on-tone colour concepts, one can indeed create a calm aura. At all events, for interior design purposes, the use of monochrome effects rarely means the creation of surfaces with only one colour; rather it involves a gradation of surfaces with various shadings and nuances of a single colour.



A parallel trend is also flowing and adorning the walls in green. This trend felicitously reflects our longing for a natural environment, in which nature is felt to be mankind’s original home. On the other hand, green is, in any case, a popular colour that is very much on trend at the moment and which creates an interesting mood, particularly when combined with plants.

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Pastel shades, too, are on trend in the furnishings sector. Mint, rose-pink and light blue create a friendly, welcoming effect and provide colourful accents. Pastel bathrooms evoke a beautiful new world – sometimes overtly trendy, sometimes dreamy, but always with a hint of escapism. If pink is combined with brown fittings – perhaps a light wood floor or corresponding tiles – this emphasises cosiness.

Chadder and Co

Chadder & Co

Blue is becoming increasingly popular in European countries. It is a colour that has a relaxing effect, reminding us of the expanse of sky and stretches of water. Paint manufacturers have modernised the palette of blues considerable in recent years. What has emerged are not only innovative paints for the walls; there are new kinds of paint for tiles that make for a cosy feel. And the rediscovery of marble in interior design is encouraging the use of blue sanitary ware.

White colour stands for its long worn traditional look, cleanliness and has been dominant for decades. 45 per cent of the German population opts for this timeless basic colour – a colour that goes with anything. One can easily understand the thinking behind it: products for the bathroom must sparkle for as long as possible – sparkling clean and in a gleaming colour.

Over 80 per cent of ceramic products sold in Germany is white. More recently, sanitary ware manufacturers have even been offering a range of different shades of white. Lifestyle is still the dominant notion behind the new and upcoming trends for the bathrooms, and ISH 2019 will be exhibiting more shades of colour than ever before. The ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ trends show will showcase, in its ‘Colour Selection’, the wide variety of possible applications of current trends. From 2019 onwards, individually designed bathrooms will include more colours.


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