Explore Best Landscape Artworks of Jasmine Kaur: WADe Asia 2018 Winner in Painting (Excellence)

In WADe Asia 2018, Dr Jasmine Kaur won WADe award under the Painting (Excellence) Category. Dr Jasmine Kaur is an assistant professor, faculty of architecture in Surat, Gujarat.
Gopitalao Demolition

Initiated in 2016, WADe India is a nationwide dedicated platform for Woman Architects & Designers of India. It is an endeavor to bring-out women in architecture & interior design on a common platform to exchange ideas, recognize contribution, discuss issues and execute solutions.

In WADe Asia 2018, Dr Jasmine Kaur won WADe award under the Painting (Excellence) Category. Dr Jasmine Kaur is an assistant professor, faculty of architecture in Surat, Gujarat.

As a contemporary miniature artist, Dr Jasmine Kaur has always been inspired by the magical world of traditional miniature painting of Kangra and Basohli. She loves experimenting with contemporary subjects and tries juxtaposing past elements with the present ones, trying to give a new dimension to the art of miniature painting. She has painted themes ranging from Christ to Guru Nanak, and also an interesting series based on her dialogue with the old contemporary artists. In one of her recent series, she has tried to portray the contemporary city landscape, which is constantly changing because of so many factors.

Surfaces Reporter congratulates the winner and feels honoured to present her inspiring contributions to the world of art. Here are some of the notable works by Dr Jasmine Kaur:

Gopitalao Demolition

The very first of her changing landscape series depicts a massive demolition of the slum area named Gopitalao in Surat.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2015 (sold out)
Size: 60 x 84 cm (approx)

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito net colony-Landscape Painting

This painting depicts the life of labour class, who sleeps in mosquito nets along the roadside in every city.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30cmx42cm

My Nayika in Rousseau’s Forest

My Nayika in Rousseau’s Forest- Landscape Painting

As the name suggests, this painting depicts her nayika in Rousseau’s forest. This is again from the series she did on the old masters. Here, her nayika yearns to be with her lover in the moon-lit night.

Medium: Gouache on Paper
Size: 20.3x 20.3 cms
Year: 2007 (National Award-­-2009 by Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar)

A Tete A Tete With The WADe Asia 2018 Winner- Painting (Excellence)

WADe Asia team asked a few questions from Dr Jasmine Kaur about WADe, her work experiences, and more. Read the excerpts from that conversation here:

S:  What is good art according to you?

J:  Any art which is made keeping in mind all the principles of art and is appealing to the rasik (viewer) is according to me a good artwork.

S:  Do you believe art has the power to impact positive social change? If yes, what kind of Public Art/ Photography for Public (Mass Causes) you think artists must work together to impact social changes in India?

J: Art since long has the power to reform the society in its unique way as it is a silent medium but still very expressive. The best example can be the posters which have been long used to express emotions. Be it big issues like a fight for freedom to these days small petty concerns. Posters have been one of the most reliable art forms towards an attempt to bring change in the society.

S: As a WADe Woman & a WADe Winner, how would you contribute towards the cause & other fellow professionals or the sector in general?

J: Art has a therapeutic power as well as creative powers. I would like to make an attempt to teach art along with main courses so that it’s creative power could lead future generations towards the path of creativity which would make them more sensitive and reduce the amount of animosity around the globe...

S: Tell us within 150 words what you liked most in WADe Event?

J: I liked the most about the Wade Event is that how the Wade team bought so many big names together on a single stage which was remarkable and the experience one gets from the two-day event is equivalent to attaining Amrit derived from the churning of the sea.

S: What is your take on the cause and objectives of WADe Asia?

J: It is a balanced combination of making, documenting and spreading the work of art, design and architecture.

S: How to leverage community power for doing greater good to the community? Any suggestion/ ideas for improvement/ comments/.

J: More institutions should be involved in participating in the event India wide and you can even add a genre of a creative documentary of some work of design or architecture.


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