Innovative Toilets for Your Bathroom

Innovative Toilets for the Bathroom

As the toilet manufacturers and brands in the industry keep growing (great news for customers), we consider it to be a nice thing to share with you some great toilet options on our list for you to pick from. These days’ toilet manufacturers are focussing on making the toilets smaller and ultra-modern while still maintaining comfort and seat space. Let's have a glance at the comfortable, unusual and innovative toilets by different brands.

Dual-Flush Toilet

Toilet Manufacturers in India-Dual-Flush Toilet

The demand for dual-flush toilets is rapidly increasing because of its water-saving benefits. Brondell Simple Flush offers toilets that comes with a combination of pressure-assisted and gravity feed toilets. It allows you to either full flush or half flush as per your need each time you empty the bowl. Half flush is excellent for clearing the liquid waste whereas a solid waste can be removed with a full flush button that run with a pressure-assisted system. You may have also noticed that today’s toilets come with two types of buttons- one is bigger than the other. Undoubtedly, the smaller one is to flush liquid waste, and the larger one is to clear solid waste.

Shower Toilet

Toilet Manufacturers in India-Shower Toilet

Shower toilets are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many bathrooms with high-quality fittings. More and more people are turning to shower toilets as they want to experience the pleasant, thorough and gentle clean feeling that fresh water provides as well as benefit from the impressive hygienic advantages. Villeroy & Boch has brought ViClean-I 100, which boasts clean lines and a minimalist look, accentuated by the ultra-flat toilet seat. Additionally, it can be easily operated by remote control or a smartphone app. And the highlight of this shower toilet is HarmonicWave shower jet, which intelligently combines oscillating and rotating movements together for the first time. The water temperature, intensity of the water spray and shower nozzle positions can be adjusted individually.

Double-Cyclone Toilet

Toilet Manufacturers in India-Double-Cyclone Toilet

This is a relatively new technology that is yet to understand. Provided by May Supply, the double cyclone toilet. In every flush, these types of toilets use a very limited amount of water. They use the power of gravity with centrifugal force to efficiently clean the toilet. It has two nozzles along the rim that forces water to circle the bowl and thus properly clean the toilet as it flushes.  Along with efficiently cleaning the toilets with minimal water usage, these types of toilets also make a big difference in your water bill.

Intelligent Toilets

Toilet Manufacturers in India-Intelligent Toilets

There are several smart toilets available that include a touch-screen control panel or remote. These types of toilets enable you to change or control the temperature of the toilet seat, control the cleaning settings, flush the toilet itself, and much more.  They also feature a bidet for warm-water cleaning. Intelligent toilets by Toto stand out the most of the brands with its super-advanced and smart toilets. All Toto models are WaterSense certified and carefully chiselled with optimum quality ceramic china for ultimate longevity and sturdiness.


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