Solutions for Common Wallpaper Application Issues

Solutions for Common Wallpaper Application Issues

Though affordable and aesthetic, the application of Wallpapers can be a bit tricky. However, there are ways to simplify these with expert opinion. Fret not! #SurfacesReporter brings to you the “hows and whys” of wallpaper application such that the beautiful experience doesn’t turn out to be an ache.

Choose According to Area

Wallpapers add a complete change to any area where they are applied. They look and feel glamorous for a longer time if maintained well. Depending upon what kind of wallpaper is applied, different cleaning methods should be used to maintain the glamour and look of the wallpaper. One must not use a wet cloth on a paper finish as it can create a patch of water drops onto it. Since Vinyl papers are plastic coated papers that are more doable, they are more preferred for areas such as offices or areas which are more prone to dust or when clients want a ‘no maintenance’ wallpaper.
Wallpaper with fabric finishes or natural-based materials is high in maintenance and the slightest of the damage such as leakage or stain can permanently spoil the paper. So, they must be chosen for areas where there is no risk of leakage or staining.

Prepare Right

Allow your personnel to start easy with less-complicated spots like the main-wall and straight clean walls without any complex architectural abrasions. Keep spaces like closet-insides and window panes for later as they require better precision and art of 'wallpapering.' The next step is to prepare the wall for the process. According to Mr Hitesh Golcha, Director, Vishal Productions, “One should avoid using wallpaper if any moisture or leakage is there on the wall. Leakage treatment should be done before putting the wallpaper. The wall should be completed with lambi and putti. The wall should not be a bathroom wall as wallpaper does not stay for longer on such walls.” An uneven wall is most likely to show even through your wallpapers while making it look tacky. Therefore using putti on any holes is highly recommended to get a smooth finish. Priming any uneven surface remains an inevitable part too for an amazing look of your papered wall.

Mr Rohit Gupta, Wallpaper Expert of Elementto reinforces the point by saying, “Before applying any wallpaper pasting should be done properly, since any cracks, uneven surfaces, leakages can spoil the wallpaper. The surface should be made flat and clean, coats of lambi and primer must be done for smooth application of wallpaper. The ideal thing to do is to use an oil-based primer as this helps in maintaining a good grip of wallpaper on to the surface.”

Wallpaper Application Solutions

Don’t Compromise on Quality

You might refrain from using the most expensive wallpaper, but trust us, going cheap for your wallpapers is not going to help you either. Always look for a decent brand while selecting your wallpaper. “Avoid using cheap wallpapers as their inks or prints are injurious to health because of the solvent used. Only use wallpapers which are green certified,” suggests Mr Golcha. They’ll offer you not just a wide variety of great designs to choose from, but also a great quality to save you from uninvited health hazards.

Haste Makes Waste

Remember, ‘haste makes waste.’ Always remember wallpapering is an art that requires high precision along with patience. Let the wall dry by waiting at least for a time period of two hours after priming it. Doing this will let your wallpaper stick better on the wall and will offer better durability. Also, it is said that it is best to cut your wallpapers in the size of your surface beforehand. This can prevent unnecessary overlapping and gives out a clean look. But such perfection can only be attained by employing trained professionals. “We use our trained wallpaper-application people to avoid all the common problems. Also, we use a special adhesive to avoid wear and tear issues,” says Mr Golcha. Moreover, always have some extra wallpaper in hand to pay back for your cutting mistakes. You wouldn’t, of course, want to use an altogether different design to fill up a particular space of your wall in case you fall short of the wallpaper anytime.

Wallpaper Application Solutions

Work Continues Even After Putting It Up

To keep the look of the wallpaper, it needs to be maintained even after application. A common problem is that children spoil the wallpaper with a solid needle or any sharp object. Leakage is another concern. To keep the wallpaper safe from such problems, the wallpaper could be laminated. With due maintenance and care, wallpapers are not likely to lose their sheen for many years. A good quality wallpaper, if not exposed to sunlight directly, is likely to retain its glamour for a minimum of 5 years to 6 Years. “The wallpaper should be wiped every week to retain its quality,” advises Mr Golcha.


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