COVER STORY: WORKING FROM HOME: Designer Sapna Khakharia,Director, The CANVAS, Mumbai

The Canvas has acknowledged the ongoing environmental scenario of COVID-19 and has made a flexible-hygienic-monitored-regulated-barrier free work culture model, to fight against the odds of the given time.

Starting with our working model, with the help of common servers and apps we have implemented option of “work from home” for everyone who travels through public transport or not, to avoid any risks and also reduce air pollution simultaneously.

Skype calls, online group meeting, conference calls are keeping us together! Technology at its literal utility today!

We have introduced a catalogue of “how to enhance” work from home for our employees that suggests them to do the following for a well functioning day:

1.    Make a schedule. Structure your day. Follow it. 
2.    We advise them to start their day with some meditation and soulful activities followed by a brainstorming activity. 
3.    We have proposed different playlists for different moods, to help them remain calm and productive in this scenario – music therapy. 
4.    We also shared a behaviour protocol that demonstrates all necessary precautions to be taken and rules to be followed. 
5.    We have shared some quick fitness tips as well, to not take one’s body for granted while quarantine reigns the situation. 
6.    We also appreciate and promote if the employees are eating healthy and inventing new recipes for sustainable life. 
7.    We have started various fun activities and employment engagement via social media challenges & trends.
8.    We also have a strict rule of producing the required work in office hours only, as one needs time to relax and sleep well. 
9.    Since domestic help isn’t advised, we are encouraging everyone to help their housemates in home chores, because charity begins at home!
10.    We are trying to be as supportive as we can for the welfare and comfort of our team and families.

Challenges in WFH

Our biggest challenge occurs when the execution part of our projects come to a halt. We know having the right ambiance to work is essential. At home, we work on our study desks, sometimes while lying in bed; we shift from lobbies to rooms for important calls. Our activities don’t have a definite set up; we look for spots that suffice our necessities.

That is one of the major issues we face, hence locating yourself to a definite space is a much ideal solution to this, and however we understand some circumstances require us to adjust as well. In such times, we should create an understanding that the situation is inevitable and working it out, is the only way to fight it right.

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