COVER STORY: WORKING FROM HOME: Ar Love Choudhary,Founder, AND Studio, Delhi

With the huge outbreak of Coronavirus in the entire world, companies have started working from their homes to combat the spread of the disease. AND Studio, has strongly implemented work from home in order to ensure the well-being and safety of the team and helping the society as a whole. We encouraged our employees to carry the equipped computer systems from the office and get them installed at their respective homes for speedy and easier access of everything.

With a big change in the working environment and style, we have assigned definite duties and tasks to each member of the team on a daily basis. In addition to this, updates for progress of the work and meetings with the client are through emails, WhatsApp and video calls have been incorporated. It is an interesting shift to perceive new ideas of communication through work from home.


For architects and designers, undoubtedly working from a distance is altogether a major challenging situation. In addition, the absence of coordination and bonding between the team members is visible, as we are aware of the fact that designing is solely based on teamwork, discussions and engagements. The physical presence for selection of materials and procurement in order to have a look and feel is also becoming a concern. With creativity and optimism, AND Studio is trying to utilise the digital world in every possible way.

The comfortable and easy environment while working from home makes a person less productive as compared to a traditional office setup.

Since, there are numerous sources of distractions while working at home the focus shifts in a moment and specifically when team members are not around to provide a working circumstance.
Success mantra 

It is crucial to set up boundaries amongst our personal life and work from home.

In addition to having definite working hours, one can also initiate a start-of-the-day and end-of-the-day ritual, maintaining a routine that one habitually does every day.

It includes diverse activities like walking sessions around the neighbourhood, reading a chapter of a book, listening to a podcast, or meditating for a few minutes. It can aid as a physical signal to the body that the workday is completed and readily shifts the focus back to normal life. Cultivating an awareness about COVID-19 is important but we should avoid unnecessary triggers as they cause distraction.

One’s attention and energy is key to building a successful work from home environment that guarantees a productive outcome. Communication is a vital aspect that passes on information and gives visibility into our team work in the form of designs. It creates an interactive platform where team members can transparently share the working updates or announcements. With critical situations, video calls are encouraged for time utilisation rather than typing text.

We are evolving with different techniques and solutions to work from home to enhance our skills and knowledge as architects.

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