Facade of Gold for this Vietnam Hotel - Dont Miss the Gold Deck

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel on the bank of the Giang Vo Lake in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam is the world’s first gold plated hotel.

Built at a cost of $200 million and took at least 11 years to complete, the luxurious five-star Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel on the bank of the Giang Vo Lake in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam is the world’s first gold plated hotel. 

Facade-Best Floor Tiles Designs in IndiaGold-Decked amenities inside the Hotel. | image credit AFP
The hotel features golden cutlery, cups, bathtubs, toilet seats, showerheads, doors, rooms, walls, floors, lifts infinity pool and even the facade of the building has been covered in around a ton of gold.


Facade-Best Floor Tiles Designs in India

The Corridor | Image Credit: Reuters

The hotel has been opened on 2nd July in the Vietnamese capital, as the nation’s government eases a slew of coronavirus lockdown restrictions

floors designs interiors designsA staff member stands near the elevators in the lobby. | Image Credit: AFP

Owned by the Hoa Binh Group and managed by U.S.-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc, the 25-story hotel is said to be covered with around 5000 square meters of gilded ceramic tiles and has 920 rooms. 

floors designs interiors designs

The Hotel is Covered with 5,000 Sq M of Gilded Ceramic Tiles.  | Image Credit: AFP

The hotel definitely is for riches as two-bedroom suites cost from £800 per night which is equal to 74,751.17 Indian Rupee. 

interiors designs

A Hotel Suite with a Gold-plated Bathtub and Toilets | Image Credit: AFP
It is expensive yet worthwhile as Majority owner and chairman of Hoa Binh Group tells, “At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world.”

interiors designs

24 karat Bathtub and Toilets | Image Credit: AFP

The hotel really redefines luxury as all other deluxe hotels generally uses marble as tiles but this hotel is totally gold-plated from the 24 Karat gold-tiled infinity pool on the rooftop to the glided washbasin in the bathroom or even the door handles which are also coated with gold.

interiors designs

The guests Taking Showers at the infinity pool. | Image Credit: Reuters

However, gold-plating in the interiors is not a new thing as the former communist dictator- Nicolae Ceausescu in Bucharest, Romania had gold-plated bathroom fixtures hidden away in his presidential mansion.

interiors designs

Gold-Plated Washbasin, Toilets and Bathtubs | Image Credit: Reuters

US President Donald Trump’s love of gold interiors is also not a secret. His 66-storey Trump tower penthouse in the New York City is covered with 24-karat gold accents, from the ceiling to the elevator.

floors designs interiors designs

Women pose for a photo at the gold plated infinity pool. | Image: Reuters

Even recently there was news of the selling of Chinese Jewellery Tycoon- Law Sai-wing’s Swisshorn Gold palace aka The Golden House in Hong Kong, China at its melt value. It took around 10 years in the construction of the palace, which was made up of six tons of gold.


interiors designs

The staff waits to welcome guests in the lobby. | Image Credit AFP

And the construction cost of the Swisshorn Gold palace was about US$38 million. The mansion is packed with gold from its ceilings, door border, and even toilet seats. It was inspired by Vladimir Lenin, who envisaged gold-plated toilets as the symbol of capitalist extravagance.


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