The Bay House

The Bay House

One of the most instinctive behaviour of man is settling near a place where there is easy supply of water. Water is one of the needs around which the life revolves. So, since historic times it is symbolic of the presence of prosperity, divinity and happiness. No wonder that city dwellers often crave to get back to nature, to a place that invokes a sense of calm and quiet.

Farm House DesignAnagha PatIl, Senior Architect, Environ Planners

Our client was blessed to have a property adjacent to the panoramic view of the river. Venture closer to the property and the horizon gradually reveals the pristine waters of Godavari. The farmhouse’s simple rectangular block doesn’t over power the external landscape; instead creates a sense of mystery as to what lies beyond the auburn facade. The wall that envelops around the house is alternately inter-mitten with horizontal ribbons of bricks at different levels.

The stone walls break the monotony by aptly placing themselves in front of the brick façade. A subtle landscape introduces the house with a small lotus pond that reflects the rhythmic use of indigenous elements. The cluster of rooms on either side provide privacy to the users while maintaining a connection with the central living room.

Farm House Design

A staggered stepped pathway arrives at a circular stone room and creates a strategic contrast against the external geometry. The landscape courts introduce nature into the internal spaces and also act as interactive spaces.

The long and low horizontal lines aid in transforming the features of the house and render a humble character infusing serenity into the spaces turning it into a magical abode. The building profile is an intelligent response to the movement of the sun. Intervention of the shading elements offer a dramatic interplay of light and shade. The direction of the deck towards the north together transform a barren landscape by giving a stage to the wonderful view ahead.

Project Details

Name: The Bay House | location: Nasik

About Anagha PatIl

Senior Architect, Environ Planners

Influenced by her father, Ar Sanjay Patil, Anagha followed his stride to become an architect. Anagha is not just passionate about architecture but also various art forms. She won the Excellence – Residential (Upto 3000 Sq Ft) Architecture Award In WADE ASIA 2019.


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