‘Importance of Structural Safety’ - Ar Sangeet Sharma, Partner, SD Sharma & Associates, Chandigarh

Ar Sangeet Sharma, Partner, SD Sharma

How important it is to pay attention to structural safety?

Structure safety is of prime importance. And why not? It is a moral duty to ensure that every structure which has to be used and consumed by human beings must be safe. Safety is not only in terms of stability of structure but also of ensuring livability without having the fear of an unsafe environment.

How much attention is actually paid to structural safety concerns while constructing buildings?

We pay hundred percent attention and we expect others to do the same. The idea is to be associated with the process of safety concerns right from day one along with the consultants so that there is no room for any disaster.

What are the challenges faced by architects in taking the necessary steps?

The biggest change is to ensure that all concerned are aware of this task thereby ensuring safety in our buildings. There must be vigilance over all the consultants working for it and also on site carrying forward of the instructions.

There are regulatory bodies like GRIHA who ensure these factors which are built in as part of their curriculum, so these should be adopted.

Safety is not only in terms of stability of structure but also of ensuring livability without having the fear of an unsafe environment.

Low quality materials seem to be a major concern in the structural safety. Your views?

Bad raw materials is a problem in India particularly. It is recommended never to use bad materials as they are the main deterrents for a stable structure. Bad raw materials can cause a havoc as they will be poor in binding and the required strength will never be achieved.

What role can the government play in ensuring structural safety in buildings?

Government has already professed to use regulatory bodies like GRIHA, IGBC and to make Net Zero building. They all promote structural safety by their very nature. Government should also create supervisory bodies that can oversee the construction in the public sector.

Any other thoughts on the issue you would like to share.

I think safety is a personal choice and must be instilled in every person associated with construction industry


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