Wallpaper made from Plant based fibres

UDC Homes launches Nuance: Collection of plant based wallpapers

As the dark clouds of the Coronavirus pandemic hit us, the global lockdown created an unparalleled atmosphere where nature thrives. Taking the inspiration further, now there is a range of wallpapers that are plant based in the market.

UDC Homes, one of India's largest paint and wallpaper retailers, has launched a new range of wallpapers known as the "Nuance Collection". The collection is an ode to the treasures of untouched Mother Nature as the designs are created from plant based fibres, which makes them environmentally sustainable.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

The wallpaper collection successfully expresses the special bond between man and nature. UDC Homes has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years and unveiled its wall coverings division in 2014. The company designs and curates its wallpaper collection for retail and distribution to global retail giants.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

From swans gliding through the now-clear canals of Venice and blue skies over the Himalayas where to the once endangered flora and fauna coming back to life—human kind came to witness a newfound love for Mother Nature post the lockdown. This range of wallpapers is a sigh of relief for the sake of nature.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

UDC Homes is celebrating the spirit of life and mother nature with their newly launched, "Nuance Collection". This range features wall coverings with nature-inspired designs—majestic mountains, expansive ocean waves and pristine forests with a plethora of vibrant animals and birds. The wall coverings in this range exhibit UDC Homes’ trademark attention to detail, evoking iconic memories of being one with nature.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

“The Nuance Collection is an ode to the treasures of untouched Mother Nature, expressed uniquely by each wallpaper. The Foliage-style prints of the wall coverings portray surreal scenes of animals and birds surrounded by natural vegetation that is almost lifelike. The range’s intricately designed motifs take viewers on a journey. These whimsical wallpapers showcase a paradisiacal scene of Mother Nature in all its glory. One can almost hear the birds chirping and smell the flowers as they soak in the awe-inspiring designs,” states Neha Jain, Co-founder, UDC Homes.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

The Nuance Collection's designs are created from plant based fibres, which makes them environmentally sustainable. In addition, the wallpapers can be customised depending on the wall size, thus resulting in reduced wastage.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

Furthermore, each wallpaper features an avant-garde wallpaper-making process. For instance, a design showcasing mountains features a fine metallic technique, which adds a magnificent sheen to the design. A wall covering portraying birds in a lush green forest has a novel surface print technology that gives the wallpaper a textured feel.

Beautiful Wallpaper Home Decor

Nature as a source of inspiration for art and life will probably be forever and the same has inspired the UDC Homes’ latest collection. So, it can be hoped for not only a positive step towards a sustainable, nature-friendly world, but also a romantic and pleasant one.

Information and image courtesy: UDC Homes


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