Tips for creating a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Given the rising need and love for greenery in the urban environment, Terrace Gardens are becoming increasingly popular. However, you must consider a few things before jumping in to create one.

Waterproof the Terrace

Gardening can damage the roof, so waterproofing beforehand is necessary. Various water proofing products are available in the market, which will ensure that the roof is protected, water-resistant and leakage-free

Blockage of Drainage Pipes

As you water the plants or in the monsoons, the soil tends to wash out with the excess water from the pots or plant beds blocking the drainage pipes. Hence, the pipes need to be cleared regularly to maintain a better drainage system. Cover the drainage holes at the bottom of the planting pots with stones so that there is space for the water to flow but no soil is discharged.

Rooftop Garden Design and Ideas

Easy Access to the Roof

In today’s apartment life, not everyone has an easy access to the roof. Even if you have, it is important to have easy access to the roof to transport materials, tools, soil and plants up and down.

Water Supply on Roof

If there is no water supply available on the roof, it would be difficult to carry the water needed for gardening from inside the building. It is better to install a water outlet in the roof garden.

Optimum Sunlight

It is important to understand that not all plants need the same amount of sunlight; some enjoy shades as well. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight, and in areas where the sun is too harsh, a shade needs to be installed to prevent the plants from getting dried out too much.

Structural Integrity

Make sure that the roof can hold the load of all the soil and pots; especially if you are planning to plant on the roof ground. Soil and pots are heavy to begin with and will get heavier as the plants grow.

Install Raised Beds

It is easier to take care of the plants when they are raised to a level that you can tend to while standing as well. It is a good option to make raised plant beds from the beginning to prevent any issues related to backaches later.

Use Sturdy Pots

Wind can affect the pots easily if not heavy. So, for containers, opt for larger sized pots, such as half-barrel planters, that will be less likely to dry out or blow around in windy conditions. If installing raised beds, aim to make the beds at least 10-inches deep, to ensure adequate soil for root growth.

Rooftop Garden Design and Ideas

Look for Storage Space

There’s a lot of paraphernalia associated with gardening i.e. tools, fertilizer, compost, buckets. It’s no fun lugging all up to the roof every time you want to garden. Some rooftop gardeners opt for narrow closets or for bench seating with built-in storage, to do double duty. Make your own choice according to your terrace area. Even just a simple wooden box works to keep supplies handy and prevent them from blowing around on a windy rooftop.

Pick the Right Planting Medium

In rooftop containers and raised beds, potting soil is your best friend. Not only does it hold water better than garden soil, but it’s also lightweight and won’t compact over time.

Electrical Wiring

Although electricity isn’t the essential, but it sure makes things easier. For today’s busy life, if you are planning on enjoying your garden at night, it will be handy to switch on a light to make things visible. Gardening soothes oneself and is a natural remedy to many mental hazards. It is also a great way to turn an under-utilized real estate into a lush and productive gardening zone. Terrace gardens are becoming a rage, keeping in view the rising concerns of pollution, less greenery around, lack of space for elaborate gardens and the rising interest in having fresh vegetables to consume. Once you have control over the issues discussed above, the journey is likely to be smooth and peaceful. Enjoy Your Gardening!

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