The Unwind Abode

Studio G+A was commissioned to convert a 550 sq ft of private terrace into a personal lounge. Nestled in the quieter parts of Pune, the site sits on the terrace floor of an apartment building amidst the zealous green canopies of the already existing coconut and mango trees. Tapping this potential, the architects have focused on nurturing the relation of internal spaces with the surrounding vista. The program includes an area breakup of 65% built and 35% treated open which tries to encompass the varied needs of the space.

Studio G+A

After ascending from the stairs one first enters the informal semi-open area covered with a pergola which not only diminishes the harsh glare of the sun, but also vivifies the walls with protean patterns of light and shadows. Finished with jet black leather- polished Kadappa - a locally available stone, the flooring pattern culminates in a staggered line, giving it the authenticity of being outdoors.

Studio G+A

An aggregate bed covers the rest of the terrace which also houses a water cascade with a few Raphis and Bamboo plants; shimmering against the grey wall. The sound of the falling water and the freshness of the plants tranquillise the senses, evoking a feeling of calmness. Adaptive to its needs, this outdoor space is the perfect spot for having breakfast, reading a book or extending as a spillover space for the main lounge.

Studio G+A

The outdoors and the indoors have been buffered by a service bay which transcends its mere utilitarian needs. The area is characterised by introducing pattern printed tiles on the floor. Primarily consisting of a powder room and a pantry, it is also equipped with the client’s own bar and a mini wine cellar. With each uniquely painted handmade clay tile, the bar counter speaks for its class.

Studio G+A

While passing through the bar area, the play of neutral and warm colour palette welcomes the visitor into the main lounge. The two large glass panels blur the boundaries between inside and outside, animating the space with the surrounding greenery. The glass panels which can also be screened using blinds are flanked on either side by adjustable wooden louvres which actuate the cross ventilation and provide privacy. The variable angles of louvers regulate the amount of breeze and sunlight brimming in the space. The lounge entails furniture that induces a warm, topical vibe while optimising the space required for a social gathering. A cozy tanned brown couch sits against the window. A comfortable daybed tucked in a niche with two side tables on either sides fulfils the need for extra seating in case of full occupancy. A small niche in the wall is converted into a display cum bookshelf for the client’s tasteful interests. The

muted backgrounds of grey and whites with pops of greens and blues facilitate the freshness in the ambience. The versatility is maintained by allowing for optimum customisation through soft furnishings, emphasising the desired quality of the space.

The design is a conscious effort to appease the dichotomous needs of the space by amalgamating the lounge, bar and the reading corner while balancing the aspects of calmness and vibrancy. The attempt is to enhance and transform the former terrace into an unwinding abode.

Project Details

Architects: Studio G+A
Location: Pune
Design Team: Gouri Deshpande, Ammeya Gogate
Area: 550 sq,ft Commencement Year: November 2018 Completion Year: December 2018 Photographs: Hemant Patil

*Winning Project: Excellence Residential (Upto 3000 sq ft) Interior Design

Second Project

Winning Project: Excellence–Residential (Above 3000 sq ft)-Interior Design

Modern Living In A Culturally Driven Set-Up

Intended as a home for a traditional Gujarati business family, the house is an attempt to accommodate the cultural norms of the family within the context of modern urban living. The clients brief was to have a home completely based on Vastu principles, yet be functional & easy to maintain. Therefore, the planning distributes the activity pattern in a way which makes it most convenient to manage formal and informal spaces that are on different levels.

Right from the beginning, architecture, services, interior and decor planning were overlapped with an intention for creating holistic environment. The chief discerning aspect of the architectural planning is the play of exposed brick and concrete which not only are the fundamental building blocks but have a distinctive aesthetic appeal as well.

All the individual interior volumes are in sync with the strong architectural statement, making the theme an honest expression of materials itself. At the entrance foyer the exposed concrete gateway is complimented by a contrasting traditional partition. The formal space has a 25 ft high space that is overlooked by living room; both interiors and exteriors


symbolically complement each other as a unifying experience. The first floor however acts as the hub of the house where the kitchen, dining and family spaces impeccably merges. The second level consists of all the bedrooms spilling over into an open space which retains both vitality and a dynamic quality with the charm of a relaxing space dissolving the boundaries between the interiors and exteriors.

Every furniture piece acts as an eccentric and playful art element floating within the space justifying the function and vibes. Each and every element are tailor-made, which ensures artistic and ambient harmony as we believe, “Aesthetical decisions are simultaneously ethical decisions and design gains its power from being replete with ethical meaning.”

Project Details

Name: Panchal’s House
location: Ahmedabad

About Gouri Deshpande

Co-founder, Studio G+A, Pune

Gouri Deshpande is the partner and principal architect at ‘Studio G+A’, Pune, practising in the field of architecture, interior and landscape design for the past four years. Apart from her passion towards the profession, Gouri is an avid reader and also enjoys listening to Indian classical music. She won the Shared Runner Up Award in the Excellence – Residential (Upto 3000 sq ft) Interior Design category in WADE ASIA 2019.


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