Is Algorithm the Future of Architecture?

Is Algorithm the Future of Architecture?

Earlier, in the late 1980s and 1990s, CAD- computeraided design gave the architects a new way to design. Architects were able to experiment with new organic forms, free from the restraints of slide rules and protractors. The result was some famous curvy buildings, which looks futuristic and astonishing. Today, computers are taking the help of algorithms that can inform, refine, and even create new designs; even weirder shapes are just the start.

Algorithms can now work out the best ways to layout rooms, construct the buildings, and even change them over time to meet users’ needs. In this way, algorithms are giving architects a whole new toolbox with which to realize and improve their ideas.

At a basic level, algorithms can be a powerful tool for providing exhaustive information for the design, construction, and use of a building. Building information modeling uses comprehensive software to standardize and share data from across the architecture, engineering, and construction that used to be held separately. This means everyone involved in
a building’s genesis, from clients to contractors, can work together on the same 3D model seamlessly.

Recently, new tools have begun to combine this kind of information with algorithms to automate and optimize aspects of the building process. This ranges from interpreting regulations and providing calculations for structural evaluations to making procurement more precise.

Also, utilizing the various aspects of the algorithm, even office arrangements are being produced for the COVID-19 pandemic. Algorithms can also create a self-organizing floorplan for a care home, and rest, sky is the limit.

As advancements in computer science and technology are growing exponentially, can we anticipate that the use of algorithms will soon be a standard way of designing the buildings?

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