10 Furniture Designs That Are Sure to Mesmerize You

SURFACES  REPORTER has compiled here a list of furniture pieces that show the wonderful design and exceptional craftsmanship of the designer. Every piece is designed with meticulousness and allows you to see the minutest details. So, let your brain dive into little amazement and get acquainted with

SURFACES  REPORTER (SR) has compiled here a list of furniture pieces that show the wonderful design and exceptional craftsmanship of the designer. Every piece is designed with meticulousness and allows you to see the minutest details.

So, let your brain dive into little amazement and get acquainted with some of the finest work of art:

1. Terrazzo Bench by OS & OOS Studio and Klaas Kuiken

This Terrazzo Bench designed by OS & OOS Studio and Klaas Kuiken is a sustainable solution for the growing amount of glass trash produced in Zanzibar- an island with a population of almost 1 million. The materials for making this bench was obtained from StoneCyling. The Bottle Up project shows how a huge amount of discarded glass bottles leftover can be transformed into furniture and objects rather than throwing them into landfills. The firm also kept in touch with local makers to create products by using waste glass bottles collected from hotels.

2. Ryoko Armchair by David Girelli

The big rounded leather-wrapped arms and superb formal shape of this Ryoko Armchair by David Girelli allow you to stay cool and calm. Girelli takes inspiration from the Japanese folding chair from the 1960s to design this chair. The materials, features, wood crafting details enhance the design and line elements of the chair.  Around the ash frame, you may find a comfy loose back cushion that you can adjust when seated. This Ryoko Armchair provides a wonderful sense of comfort.

3. Dusty Blue Linoleum And Oak Kitchen by Designer Nicolaj Bo

The surfaces of this classic Kitchen designed by designer Nicolaj Bo is coated with a classic dark blue linoleum, whereas drawers, counter, and other details are made from solid oak. The residents of this villa proclivity to have an intricately designed carpentry. And that’s why the designer gave a keen eye to details and came out with a magnificent design.

4. O’45 by Elk Kitchen

Such a wonderful and unusual kitchen design by Elk Kitchen team. You will hardly get a kitchen design that wholly emphasizes on triangle-shaped drawers. In Elk Kitchen design team's own words, “O’45 was born of a desire to create an innovative design approach that leads to a new aesthetic. The result is a design that balances modern engineering & traditional craftsmanship. Super-efficient, function-focused utility centers deliver a genuine alternative to the kitchen status-quo.”

5. The Square Armchair by Decarvalho Atelier

This Square Armchair by the family-owned business Decarvalho Atelier seems simple yet sophisticated. The usage of straw with Geometric-ness of the design giving a relaxing appeal to the chair.  Moreover, the ordinariness of straw is balanced by the use of leather that gives the much-required warmth to the whole design. this chair will be a stellar choice for your home that will stay you for long.

6. Roberto Paoli’s Pippi Chair for Midj

The Pippi chair by Roberto Paoli was a part of Pippi collection that was specifically designed for Midj in Italy. The Pippi Chair stands out from the crowd with its dazzling orange colour. Mono-material and monochromatic, the Pippi armchair upholstered by soft and soothing. The sinuous curves and the soft padding combine design and seating comfort allow it to merge perfectly in distinct interior styles.

7. Walnut-topped table by Conti Wood Studio

If tailor-made furniture is the key to your heart, then this Walnut-topped table by Conti Wood Studio holds the key you want!  This walnut table is made from local lumber and coated with Rubio Monocoat and Sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to protect the natural grain of the wood. It comes with an ash or maple legs. There are no nails or screws on it.  Doubles as side tables, this topped table can actually be designed to be speaker stands or pot stands.

8. The Polly cabinet by TIDE Design

Made of optimum quality solid natural timber, the Polly cabinet by TIDE Design is a multipurpose storage and shelving solution. The design team combined the simplicity of this cabinet with subtle flowing lines. Furthermore, the outstanding positioning of slanted wooden legs is making it a cynosure of eyes.

9. Visro Gallery’s Sako Console

Sako Console by Visro  Gallery is an epitome of timeless design and elegance. The classy and timeless nature of the SAKO table makes it ideal for any apartment. The solid waveform like paneling gives an instant center in the design, allowing a break from the stunning wooden texture that flanks the sides of this console table.

10. Wave Table by Lozi Design

Lozi Design used a supersized wave joint made from light solid ash and a variety of surface finishes to create the Wave Table. This perfect centerpiece is a part of their ‘wave series’ that highlights and adds a new dimension to any contemporary home. Lozi has also developed a new surface material for this table – by repurposing their waste sawdust they have created a red sheeting material by mixing it with Bio Resin. Eco-friendly with a side of furniture details!

Hope you like all the exquisite furniture pieces shown above. Which one is your favourite? Share with us in the comment section below.

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