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The spaces under any flyover are the most unused ones and usually end up accumulating garbage, rainwater and unlawful activities. However, the same has been planned to be developed into multi-purpose space including open air co-working spaces, restaurants, amphitheatre, boating and viewing deck overlooking the lake etc., in the city of Coimbatore under the Smart City Mission by Oasis Design Inc, New Delhi. Surfaces Reporter (SR) takes you to an exclusives tour of how the design will shape up.

Before & After

As a part of the 8-Lake Eco restoration Project under Coimbatore Smart City, the plan is to develop the Under Fly-Over @ Valankulam Quick Win. In the Before & After images, it was clearly visible  that earlier the water was coming in to midway of the Under-flyover site – and then asper the advice from State Highways – the filling carried out on site.

flyover-design-plan-coimbatore -Surfaces Reporter Magazine

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The Plan of Co-working spaces

Providing for co-working spaces, there shall be dedicated work-spaces designed again in steel container-styled cubicles – floating above the gravel floor overlooking a lake-front seating lounge. They will be designed to cater to the new-age requirements for professionals to offer them office-infrastructure on rent – to enable them to access common services like printing, plotting, etc. It’s a great facility for all start-ups to be able to work from an office space, without having to invest in owing one – while enjoying the common facilities like wi-fi, printing, and even secretarial assistance if required.  

Paving enhancing the linearity.

Interactive Area

Located in-between he two office-modules, this co-working zone also has one bay dedicated as an interactive area, where the different professionals can meet all their colleagues and invite clients for discussing work in a lounge like setting while overlooking the magnificent views of the lake The entire project uses a floating floor concept, where all the useable floor spaces are defined to float over a gravel bed, and at night the recessed lights accentuate the floating effect further.

Repurposed concrete pipes work as seating pods perfect  for group or individual dining.


Office Module

Each office module is equipped with hot-stations where one can plug in a laptop and be connected to the free wi-fi and network servers, to use the common printers, 3-D printing etc. The space is shaded with planting from the approach side and overlooks the lakefront plaza seating. The central space is the lockable space which shall be designed to house all the common printers, plotters, etc and is managed as a pay-and-use facility, by the private operator, under the aegis of Coimbatore Smart City. This unique facility shall also allow the users to access the data base of the government like the Start-up India mission, Urban employment database etc. in addition to being mentored by retired seniors. Opportunities to met up with angel investors, and access other venture capital funds shall also be a focus of the facility.

The design has started to shape up.

Open Pavillion

The idea of redesigning the open space under the flyover as a public space also provisions for some bays which are free for anyone to use – to come and sit there, enjoy a coffee or meet up with friends. This area also has steps leading to the boating jetty.  

Flyover column as a  feature element frames each in-between space.

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Smaller paved areas for seating designed to work as a spill-over space for the Tea/Coffee Stalls of the Entrance Area. Bamboo Partitions create a sense of privacy to modulate this space into smaller and more usable niches. The entire space is planned as a veranda segregated by a green buffer from the road.


The Main Entrance to the Arts & Crafts Area is defined by a linear entrance plaza leading to the front desk kind-of registration and security counter. The entrance bay under-flyover is defined by two small food kiosks thatframe the landscape view of the lake. It is around this central entrance court that each side of the project is designed one as an Art & Crafts area and the other as the co-working area.

Seating spaces with a twist. Adorned by bamboo feature walls chandeliers.

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Boating Deck Overview

Main Entry Bay is designed to create an axial view to the Lake with a seating plaza framing the view. This axis is also planned to connect to the Main Boating Deck. This area leads one to the exhibition court and is also designed as a area that can double-up to allow exhibition panels to overspill into this area as well.

Planting beds and activity  spaces carved out above gravel bed.

Restaurant Court

The Exhibition Space merging with the Restaurant Court creates a larger platform for visitors to spill in and out of the two activities. all the spaces are designed to be flexible-use – they can double up to accommodate exhibition panels, be cleared up to have a art event, a yoga-class or host a informal gathering/ programe.

Restaurant and Amphitheatre

The Restaurant Area is designed in a way that it occupies the central space surrounded by the different event spaces – the amphitheatre, the exhibition galleries, the multifunctional performance areas. The restaurant shall also be anchor activity equally during event and non-event times – ensuring there is always some activity and vibrancy for any guest to partake.

Multipurpose performance court.


The Amphitheatre steps can be used all throughout the day for enjoying the Lake. The stage is designed as a rectangular plaza which will be used for Performance Art and other large events. The existing trees frame the Lake view more naturally.


Surfaces Reporter (SR) appreciates the efforts of the architect and Coimbatore city corporation for taking such steps. Managing social issues using design interventions are the need of the hour. This initiative could be a role model for the rest of the country to develop the otherwise unused and spare public spaces and convert them into something more beautiful, useful and ultimately a way of generating revenue. What do you think about the same? Do let us know in the comments.

Image & Info courtesy: Oasis Design Inc

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