5 Mesmerizing Chair Designs That Will Make Your Interior Look Artistic | Surfaces Reporter

5 Mesmerizing and Artistic Chair Designs | Surfaces Reporter

Have you ever thought of how the interiors of your home could look more artistic? Many furniture pieces not only look creative but are functional too. We, at SURFACES REPORTER (SR), have collected 5 mesmerizing chairs, designed by celebrated designers across the world, to surprise and delight your senses. Moreover, adding any of these chairs will not only give an artistic touch to your interiors, but also make them look trendier and more stunning. Take a glance:

Stubby Chair by Nissa Kinzhalina!

Modern Furniture Design

This beautiful chair by Nissa Kinzhalina is a wonderful depiction of minimalism and nostalgia through furniture design. The designer takes cues from nature and surroundings to design the stubby chair. A wooden chair that is now considered archaic, the incorporation of the metal pipes displays the same chair in a modern light.

Peacock Chair By Marc Ange

Peacock chair by marc ange

Marc Ange designed this dazzling Peacock Chair after he voyaged to India. He took cues for this beautiful chair from India’s national bird and one of the most attractive species- peacock. The designer artistically and stunningly showcased the iridescent shimmer of the bird through this chair.

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The HUSH Coccoon Armchair by Freyja Sewell

The HUSH Coccoon Armchair by Freyja Sewell

Made of 97 percent industrial wool felt, this biodegradable personal cocoon that allows you to sit, relax, and contemplate in the tranquil and cozy environment. Designed by British furniture and product designer, Freyja Sewell, this HUSH armchair is padded inside with recycled wool fibers discarded as a derivative by carpet manufacturers.

Disco Chair By Kiwi And Pom

disco chair by kiwi and pom

If you want to add some artistic yet colourful in your interior, this Disco chair by Kiwi and Pom is for you. This illuminated chair is created by using 200 meters of electroluminescent wire. It is not only a simple bundle of colours, but it shines like a rainbow when powered, and can be swapped to a flash or pulse mode for a disco-style lighting effect.

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Peacock Chair By Studio Dror

peacock chair by studio dror

New York Studio Dror has created this luxurious and modern Peacock Chair for the Italian furniture brand Cappellini. The design of this chair is made out of a minimal metal frame and three single sheets of felt. The pleats of the felt are tightly woven to create a coordinated yet amazingly comfortable lounge chair. There is no upholstery or sewing involved in the design process.

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