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As homes are getting smaller, space-saving furniture seems a necessity. And, that’s why furniture designers rethink all the possibilities a piece of furniture can offer and realize multifunctional, space-saving furniture that is extremely astonishing with their functionality. These pieces of furniture consume lesser space while adding a statement and luxury to a little area.

SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has picked 10 innovative space-saving furniture. Have a look:

1. Convertible Sofa by Julia Kononenko

Wardrobe Furniture Design Ideas

A wonderful piece of furniture for people who have limited space in their homes. This convertible sofa by Julia Kononenko can be transformed into a small dining table with six padded stools. And it can be folded away or kept as a storage chest when not in use. The transformation, either way, can be done instantly, with minimum effort.

2. Fletcher Kapstan Table

Fletcher Kapstan Table

This is one of the most innovative tables that can nearly double in size in seconds. Designed by UK Furniture brand- Fletcher, this unique table comes in different sizes and can expand from standard 6.5-10 feet table to one that gauges between 20 to 30 feet across. 

3. The Ping Pong door by Tobias Franzel

the ping pong door by tobias franzel

Rather than buying a ping pong table at home to use the little available space at home, why not turn your door into a tennis table? This multifunctional door by Tobias Franzel doubles as a ping pong table in just a quick simple rotation. It is an ingenious idea by Franzel. The table tennis door comes with a small net and filed markers.

4. A chair inside a chair By Flavio Scalzo

A chair inside a chair By Flavio Scalzo.

Such a captivating creation by Flavio Scalzo! A sculptural-looking chair that hides inside it yet another chair with a similar design. When closed, it reduces storage space when opened it becomes a comfortable sitting and useful side table. It allows you to have an extra chair for your guests without a need to hide it in the closet.

5. The Obelisk furniture

The Obelisk furniture

This is an ultimate space-saving furniture series for the outdoors. Designed by Frank Ligthart, the obelisk furniture collection includes four chairs and a table for outdoors. All these furniture parts can be stacked together to form a shape similar to an obelisk, hence it got this name.

6. The Expandable Mobile Dining Unit

The Expandable Mobile Dining Unit

For small modern homes, this expandable mobile dining unit by Nobuhiro Teshima is an ideal space-saving solution. You can easily expand or contract it to accommodate from 2 to 8 people. So, it is a wonderful space-saving furniture for a time when unexpected guests drop in and you are looking for a place to make them sit. Just expand this mobile dining unit and you are done!

7. The REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong

This extendable bookcase by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong grows as you add more books to your collection. It is a zig-zag shaped simple, modern, and flexible piece of furniture that has interlocking shelves which slide in and out to make space for more books as and when required. The designer also reduced the weight of the bookcase to 80 kgs to make it lightweight. He also added a stop to ensure the shelves don’t slide out too far. Different shelf dimensions of this bookcase will help you to arrange your collection as per the size.

8. Jigsaw-Puzzle Bed by Karen Babel

In small apartments, most of the space is taken over by huge, heavy beds, we can’t do without. However, Karen Babel came up with a superb solution- The jigsaw-Puzzle Bed. It is a bed that can be transformed into a bookcase when not in use. The bed comes in the shape of a mattress that stands straight in four pieces to form a bookshelf. The mattress fits into the wall-mounted frame, containing five shelves. When you are ready to go to bed just place the sections of the mattress on the floor and fix them in to form your bed. You can get a single bed or a double one.

9. The Staircase Storage by Danny Kuo

Extremely good space-saving and multifunctional furniture by Danny Kuo for small homes. It not only allows you to save space but also gives you tons of area for storage. This furniture has a number of drawers and its vertical position also enables you to use it as a ladder to reach the higher compartments. The bottom three drawers serve as a staircase. Just pull them to go up to the top whereas a side rail lets secure climbing.

10. Kenchikukagu by Atelier OPA

multifunctional furniture

Who would not like a piece of furniture that can change its functionality quickly by folding or unfolding?  Japanese company Atelier OPA has created a series of mobile furniture named Kenchikukagu that contains a kitchen, guest room, and office in it. So, it provides working, sleeping, and eating space altogether. Isn't this great?

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