10 Unusual Furniture Designs | Surfaces Reporter

10 Unusual Furniture Designs | Surfaces Reporter

Furniture plays a key role in enhancing the interiors by adding charm, class, style, and utility to any room. And if designed creatively, it can also uplift our mood. Vivid colours, extraordinary designs, and funky ideas- all these things can convert any ordinary-looking furniture piece into a piece of art.

While searching around the internet, we, at SURFACES REPORTER (SR), awed by some unusual designer furniture pieces and compiled a list to share with you. Take a glance:

Coffin Couch by Von Erickson

Number one on our list is the Coffin couch by Von Erickson. While a coffin is something which nobody wants to keep at home, but people who want to enjoy the relaxation of the afterlife might want this sofa in their house. Erickson built this coffin couch using a velvet-covered foam pad and a classic metal spring construction seat. It is made from old coffins that are not used due to some damage. So, each of the coffins is restructured to make a comfortable sofa.

Flutta Bed By Lago

flutta bed by lago

While sitting on this bed, you will feel like you are sitting on a cloud. Supported by single central support and innovative HPL base, Flutta Bed by Daniel Lago looks like that it is floating in the air. The height of the bed can be adjusted and no column or bulk outside helps hygiene and cleanliness. The meticulous engineering of the design enables the bed to be installed in different types of wall and plasterboard. Also, stringent testing ensures the total safety of the sleeper.

Loopita by Victor Aleman


Although the Loopita looks like an ordinary loop-the-loop structure, it is a wonderful and unusual example of furniture that is created by the brilliant designer Victor Aleman specifically for couples. It allows two people to sit and relax while still being able to see each other. And the wonderful design even allows them to face each other while lying down. Such a great design. Isn’t it?

Canvas Furniture by Ignant

When you look at these pieces of furniture from the front, they look like canvas paintings. But when you come closer, you will notice that these are 3-dimensional pieces of art that can be used as actual seating. There is an elastic fiber in the seating area which stretches when weight is applied. Designed by Tokyo based design studio-YOY by using aluminum and wood, these furniture pieces can be hung on the wall as art and can be used as furniture at the same time.

canvas furniture

canvas furniture

canvas furniture

Single Bed by Artist Dominic Wilcox

dominic wilcox single bed

This piece of furniture might be good for one who is single or who can sleep exactly in the same posture every night and stays perfectly still while doing so. No clue if this bed comes with matching covers or sheets or you’ll have to use the normal ones. However, irrespective of all the uncertainties, it is an absurd yet genius creation by London-based artist Dominic Wilcox.

Pencil Chair by Anon Pairot

Pencil chair

Creating furniture out of wood like ebony, oak or pine is quite common but making furniture out of pencils is intriguing. Who could think that individually weak pencils by combining can become a surprisingly strong structure which can be used as a chair? However, Singapore based designer Anon Pairot thought and even realized by creating ‘Dinsor’- a pencil based furniture influenced by the art of our daily lives.

Good Vibrations Storage Unit by Ferruccio Laviani

ferruccio laviani- good vibrations

No, it is not a distorted or warped digital image but a cabinet that has been intricately carved to look like one. Designed by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani's for furniture brand Fratelli Boffi, this cabinet was beautifully carved from an Oak tree by using CNC machine. This unusual furniture piece was also displayed at the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.

Magnetic Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars

magnetic floating bed

Magnetic Floating Bed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars would allow you to feel like a famous character Alladin sitting on his flying carpet. Constructed of permanent magnetic material, this is a strong bed that holds around 900 kg of weight in the air. And the best thing is it does not require electricity to keep the bed floating but it levitates through the power of opposing magnets.

Reversible Table

Reversible furniture

Anything which can be used even after it’s reversed is simply a work of genius. And that is what this reversible table is. This efficiently-designed furniture acts as a table with two chairs as its firms form that can be easily and quickly turned into two outward-facing benches by just flipping it. The unusual design is ideal for the garden or park.

Accordion by Judson Beaumont

Accordion by Judson Beaumont

Judson’s creative creations are a rare jewel in the world of furniture designers. Whether it’s a hollow chair, cracked cabinet, tear away bench, or Raymond, each piece is fantastic and unusual. Every polka lover would appreciate this fantastic cabinet- Accordion- by Judson. A perfect featured piece of furniture for home.

Hope you enjoy our selection of furniture pieces. Do let us know your favourite(s) in the comment section below.


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