This Gurugram residence by Envisage is redefining the classic suburban living

Residential home for elderly Punjabi Couple | Envisage

In this modern era, there is a constant drive to obtain or create the most unique products possible. However, with constant improvements in technology and lifestyle, we are left with products with an expiration date. It is the same with spaces, which also require some form of change and evolution over the years. Sometimes it may only require a bit of refurbishment, while others may require more drastic changes or even moving to a different location. While there is no dearth of attractive properties, they’re often not reflective of their homeowners and their social and functional requirements. Within this milieu, The Rose Chalet- Residence 304, a home designed by Envisage for an elderlycouple, stands out as a space that is crafted for comfort in order to reflect the hospitality of its homeowners. Take a tour to this home at SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

A High-End Holiday Feel

Envisage-Decorative Wooden Columns
The brief was to design a space that was comfortable for the homeowners (A Punjabi couple in their 60’s), with hints of a classic aesthetic. With the homeowners previously residing in North Delhi for over 40 years, the decision to switch to a home in Gurugram- to suburban living was quite emotionally taxing. However, with the lacking security measures and other concerns over the location, the move had to be made. Hence, the new space had to be inviting, functional and aesthetic. With a client brief of the apartment having an upmarket holiday feel- as the homeowner’s extended family still lived in North Delhi, the house needed to be a place to relax after an arduous two-hour journey. 

The Classic Urban Tone

Envisage-Decorative Wooden Columns

The residence, spread out over 2600 ft., takes its inspiration from a classic urban chic tone, but has touches of a bare-bone industrial theme across the space. Opening into the foyer, the viewer is greeted with a large space, with the dining area, living room and the open kitchen seamlessly flowing into each other.


This has been done in a manner that accommodates the homeowner’s social activity centred on food. With frequent long visits from family and crowding around all the three zones, it became necessary to have these zones pushed to one side and have the passageways clear. Hence, the dining table has been pushed to one side with a sofa at one end and chairs on another.

An Amalgamation of Light and Dark Hues


The hanging lights over the dining area, and the bare-bone metal chandelier in the living room are done in an industrial chic theme, subtly adding to the resort-like feel of the space. The colour palette of this space however, is a mix of light and dark hues, due to the house facing south-east. Due to its orientation, the house is lush with sunlight; darker hues have therefore been augmented to ensure an inviting and warm feel across the entire space.


The bedrooms of these residences are crafted for comfort, with the interiors being slightly muted in comparison to the rest of the house and functional in design. The master bedroom is created in a blend of beige, brown and walnut textures. There is a lot of open space in the bedroom, as this is the room in which the homeowners spend a majority of their time throughout the day.


The master bedroom has been customized to add to their safety and comfort, with a leather edge to ensure protection from any accidental bumping into the bed. The bedroom has a sliding door done in glass which separates the bedroom from the balcony and ensures that the light spills into the bedroom abundantly. The guest bedroom has a modern four poster bed, and also has industrial themed bedside lights, in continuity with the rest of the house. 


Minimalism With Opulence


The entire space is tied together through its focus on comfort and opulence, which speaks through the design details of this residence. Bringing in bling and colour in sync with the homeowner’s Punjabi heritage, a vermilion feature wall flanked by decorative wooden columns has been implemented. The décor of the residence is done in a blend of minimalistic but opulent pieces, that reflects their own concept of luxury, while also reinforcing the feeling of warmth and benignity throughout the space.


Residence 304 reflects the individuality of its occupants, and creates a zone of social interaction and relaxation in a space that is crafted for their well-being, safety and happiness.

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About the Firm

Envisage is an Interior and Architecture firm specializing in Design and Build projects based in New Delhi, India. The firm was formed by two partners, Meena Murthy Kakkar and Vishal Kakkar, who believe in visualizing and creating dream spaces for people.  

Project Details:

Typology: Residence
Name of Project: 304
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana 
Name of Client: Kakkars
Principal Architect: Envisage
Design Team: Meena, Vishal, Akanksha, Aakash
Built-Up Area (sq ft & sq m): 2400sqft
Start Date:  April 2019
Completion Date:  May2019
Photographer: Suryan and Dang

Fact File:

Flooring: Pergo          
Furnishing: Nirmals, Kirti Nagar      
Furniture: Shaheen Woodart                                     
Lighting: Envisage    
Paint: ICI dulux         
Arts / Artefacts: elys, MGroad   



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