Edoardo Tresoldi: New Wire Mesh ‘Etherea’ Installation for ‘Back to Nature’ Exhibit | Rome

Edoardo Redesigned Wire Mesh ‘Etherea’ Installation for ‘Back to Nature’ Exhibit in Rome | Surfaces Reporter

Etherea’ - a wire mash installation conceived by Edoardo Tresoldi for the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in 2018 is now redesigned and rearranged for ‘Back to Nature’ Exhibition in Rome. The exhibition is curated by Costantino D’orazio, which takes place until December 13, 2020

Ethrea-Neoclassical and Baroque Architecture

The 11-meter-high ‘Etherea’ installation is restructured for its location in Villa Borghese’s Parco Dei Daini to establish dialogues between the trees of the garden and the artwork. The transparent form offers a multi-dimensional experience to the visitors of the exhibition.


It is an evocative piece that takes its inspiration from Neoclassical and Baroque architecture.

The see-through appearance of this structure allows visitors to view the surrounding park in unusual ways.

Edoardo Redesigned Wire Mesh ‘Etherea’

The Etherea explores the relationship between landscape and man, using the language of architecture as an expressive tool. The original installation consists of three transparent sculptures, all with the same shapes but different sizes, placed on an axis, measuring 336, 54 and 72 feet in height, respectively.

Edoardo Redesigned Wire Mesh ‘Etherea’

About the Artist

Edoardo Tresoldi is an Italian artist, sculptor and set designer , known internationally for his monumental sculptures made of wire mesh.

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