Fluvial Waves of Terai Depicts the Facade of This Restaurant | Node Urban Lab

Fluvial Waves of Terai Depicts the Facade of This Restaurant | Node Urban Lab

Inspired by the Terai region of the Himalayan belt, eastern UP, this space by Node Urban Lab plays host to a café and dining with a natural and healthy environment experience that captures the visitor’s attention from the very start. The core idea is to take aesthetic inspiration from the elements of the foothills. From contemporary parametric ceiling to the traditional patterned ceramic tiles to geometric patterned wooden paneled walls, everything in this café will entice you. Have a look at the eye-catching interiors and architectural specialties of this Bar, Bistro and Restaurant at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Restaurant Resembles The Facial Characteristics of Terai Architecture and Interior Design Firm India

Situated in a busy commercial area in the heart of Gorakhpur (UP), the restaurant incorporates Terai region attributes. The firm proposed a design that established a bold relation to the site’s context, which connects the Terai region of eastern UP .Architecture and Interior Design Firm India“Terai defines the lands lying at the foot of a watershed" or "on the banks of a river”

Design Concept

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaDesign Inspiration Is Taken From The Terai Region, Eastern UP

The concept is to wield the space in rustic themes by exposed surfaces and natural plants. The intent is that every visitor feels the outdoors from inside the restaurant, this also elevates the overall vibe of the space. There is a much bigger focus on the emotion involved by the ambiance of the space.

Rustic Appeal

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaUse of Natural Fiber Bricks on the entrance wall

Upon entering, the visitor is instantly transported to a terrain region, characterized by greenery that reflects the lowland region lying at the foot of watershed intake on sustainable design. A friskiness continues on the surfaces, fixtures, and furniture across the restaurant.

The restaurant features custom in-situ flooring with textured ceramic tile inlay in the sitting zone, exposed ceiling, and printed chairs with raw wood finish tables that further augment rustic themes.

Design Interpretation

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaThe firm takes cues from the mounds to add levels in the restro design. They also used natural plants, creepers which depict grassland. Where the colour scheme reflects the landforms of the Terai region, the swing depicts its movement and fluidity.  The firm used following design elements in the interiors:

Architecture and Interior Design Firm India

The “Fluvial, waves of Terai” show the façade design, which is establishing a visual connect with the populace. These ideas took the firm beyond the fascia and intrigued them to get it reflected in the ceiling which imitates the parametric design and is inspired by the natural palette of the terrain region.

Sustainable Design Strategy

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaThe firm takes sustainable approach by using energy efficient materials and live plants in the design process. Rustic hues, curved lines, and green images draw one in through a small and inconspicuous space, into a cozy yet minimalistic entryway dotted with indoor plants and ceramic wares.

Key Elements in the Bar Counter

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaThe counter

In the Bar counter, the firm used Hanging lamps that increase the aesthetic value of space. While the wooden panels in the interiors gives an earthy feeling to the space making one feel close to nature.

Moreover, the MS frame shelves offer an ideal support for the timber shelves that are used for keeping glasses in the bar. It also lets the other materials shine through.

The curved wooden pattern in the counter depicts the waves of the green grassland. The use of special tiles highlights counter area while providing a strong base for the bar stools.

The firm also designed parametric counter by providing a fluidity effect in its design.
Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaDetails of the elements in the counter
The use of natural fire bricks cladding on the entrance wall as the café rear walls, a suspended metal shelf with creepers warms up space.
Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaA suspended metal shelf with creepers

Another wall is clear glass that gives maximum illumination and a clear visual connection for the visitors. The interiors overlook a live kitchen that makes it easily visible to customers from either end of the space.

The color palette consists of warm Indian yellow, shades of turquoise, and plenty of natural raw wood finishes.

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaSwing Area
For the private space, the design approach is to play with architectural materials by using traditional patterned ceramic tiles as flooring, geometric patterned wooden paneled walls, and contemporary parametric ceiling makes space unparalleled and thrilling.
Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaContemporary Wooden Parametric Ceiling

An impressive suspended ceiling that creates the effect of waves embedded with lights that illuminate the whole space, metal and wooden lamps with plenty of creepers and strip lights make an Avant-garde statement. The lux levels and warmth created by the lighting are paramount to get this effect.

Architecture and Interior Design Firm India

Warm white lighting brings vibrant vibes to an otherwise yellow canvas, the firm looked closely at lighting as an art, to maintain the minimalistic approach. And thus, had a successful close-working relationship with their lighting. To have an ambiance that is completely novel and modish overall and feels.Plenty of artificial planters have been used to adorn the space dividers, “planters can be expressive as works of art with the right lighting”.

The design approach allows the shadow to play a stimulating role as well. The firm created different clusters of lights to define the different spaces and intentionally light the surface and object.
Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaSitting in front of Bar Counter

Design Challenges

Architecture and Interior Design Firm IndiaAssembly of the exterior facade

One of the firm’s design challenges was to erect the façade through indoor space by a wave ceiling which acts as both functional as well as aesthetic. Along with aliment, ambient and tactful creativity, Terai takes a magnificent sentiment that provides travelers wholesome wisdom of fascination, curiosity, exploration, and bliss. It fascinates a visitor in virtuosity and amazement who approaches it.

Till you finally walk away, decidedly eager to return. Terai packages everything that one expects from a comestible destination.

Project Details:

Name: Terai
Program: Bar, Restaurant and Bistro Location: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Architecture firm: Node Urban Lab LLP Architects: Rahul Jadon and Rahul Kardam Site area: 2600sq.ft
Completion year: 2019
Text and Image Courtesy: Node Urban Lab

About Node Urban Lab

Node Urban Lab is an interdisciplinary team of Architects , Designers and Urban Experts. The firm is a young practice that embraces new design technologies and craft with a focus on computational design and fabrication. It remains the collective outcome of different tangents for any project. The firm expands the boundaries and designs spaces, creates habitats, weaves public spaces, and craves heritage.

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