A Simple Transparent Glass Cuboid Forms the Office of Studio Chintala | Bengaluru

A Simple Transparent Glass Cuboid Forms the Studio Chintala | Workspace

Studio Chintala’- a Bengaluru based architecture and design firm- designed its own studio that embraces the firm’s design philosophies and offers a space where people come together to plan meaningful experiences and have fun! Check out the wonderful Chintala studio office at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Kit-of-Parts Architecture

It was decided that the studio would be built on the rooftop of a retail building in one of Bangalore’s dense but vibrant neighbourhoods.

Transparent Glass Cuboid

This meant that the studio had to be built as a “kit-of-parts” in order to solve the logistic challenge of getting building materials onto the roof of a functioning retail building. Also, this approach allowed for modularity and speedy construction.

Transparent Glass Cuboid

Each building element was pre-manufactured and assembled on the roof. The steel structure of posts and beams came together with simple bolted connections, the interiors including shelving, cabinets and the restroom were inserted into the space as a storage spine along one of the long sides.

Interiors Showcasing Simplicity

The interior is a functional rectilinear space, organized around a long table to encourage collaboration.

Transparent Glass Cuboid

A short flight of folded plate stairs leads into an entry space with a yellow steel bench.

The resulting form of the building is a simple transparent glass cuboid, elevated on short steel stilts.


large tree hovers above, shading the building and allowing for views from all sides. A small balcony in the front connects the space to the active street below.

The rest of the roof serves as a gathering space for design events, a workshop and informal meeting space. At night the building appears as a shaft of light nestled on top of the building.

While the project does not make a loud stylistic statement, it serves as the perfect setting for its users.

It also serves as a great means to communicate the studio's design philosophies to clients and is an omnipresent reminder of the studio's values.  No one aspect of the building stands out, however, they all come together as a seamless harmony. 

Take a Tour to Studio Chintala's Workspace

Project Details

Project Name: Studio Chnitala
Architecture Firm: Studio Chintala
Gross Built Area: 700 sq ft
Project location: Indiranagar, Bengaluru
Lead Architects: Diwakar Chintala


Photo credits: Rama Madhu Gopal Rao, Kiran          
Video credit - Sunair
Design Team: Ravichandra Pilla, Tarang Gupta, Kiran Golla

About Studio

A design practice built on the philosophy of “simplicity and honesty”, Studio Chintala begins each project by asking what it means to its users and the context. With the aim to create spaces and experiences that discover the soul of the project, the function and the emotions of the people that interact with it. The studio believes that design is problem-solving, the process of finding the simplest and most logical solutions. Beauty is merely a by-product of the inherent simplicity and honesty of the design.

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