Todd Residence: India’s First Zero-Maintenance Home with Fibre Optics Integrated Facade | Cityspace’ 82 Architects | Gurugram

Todd Residence: India’s First Zero-Maintenance Home with Fibre Optics Integrated Facade | Cityspace’ 82 Architects | Gurugram

Designed by Cityspace’ 82 Architects, this splendid house located in the hustle and clamour of Gurugram appears extremely distinct amongst all the neighbouring undertakings in the vicinity. What makes this house more stunning is the integration of Fibre Optics lighting with the white painted wall on the front facade which grants it a glistening effect of twinkling stars. The architects told SURFACES REPORTER (SR) that Fibre Optics lighting has been used for the first time in the facade of a building in India. Read here the other striking characteristics of this beautiful house:

Cityspace’ 82 Architects-Todd residence

Client’s Brief:

The client desired a home that reflected minimalism at its absolute best while converging with the sky. The notion was to design a house with robust attributes and voluminous light-filled living spaces including comfortable reading nooks and unique indoor/outdoor seating areas.

Zero-Maintenance Concept

The house is completely based upon zero maintenance concept. The boundary wall is treated with dry stone cladding delineating a glamorous detail where the slab was scooped out to boast stellar like profiles giving out an illusion of bent stones.

Todd Residence

Gate being one of the most utilized element is installed in porcelain, a scratch-resist and water and termite proof medium, aiding to the longevity and zero-maintenance characteristic. The driveway acquires an array of integrated directional lighting while also acting as mood lighting at night. 

Also, the materials used in the façade were zero maintenance.

Fibre Optics Lighting Façade

Todd Residence

The facade was installed by omitting smaller cubes from the bigger ones providing the building with openings and punctures which allowed natural light to touch every corner of the house. A terrace in the form of a cantilever renders a floating powder-coated aluminium web, which forms to be the most dramatic feature. 

The cantilever is designed to be 3 m wide in to accommodate small gatherings/parties. 

Todd Residence

The convergence of the building with the sky was achieved by the use of Fibre Optics lighting integrated with the white painted wall on the front facade which grants it a glistening effect of twinkling stars with different intensities. In fact, this sumptuous residence becomes the first one in India to confer onto fibre optics being used in the facade. 

Todd Residence

The house unveils two scenes where on the days of festivals or parties the complete house can be lit with planter lights, fibre optics, lights from art installations via a single control.

Vibrant Landscaping in the Entrance

One enters the house through stilt floor which atypically assimilates vibrant landscaping instead of car parking. The car park is mostly managed at the rear of the house, allowing the house to savour openness and breeze from the landscape design.

Todd Residence

The double-height entrance and immense main door exemplify grandeur and larger than life luxurious lifestyle of the inhabitants. The chic zinc panels here perfectly complement the metal facade.

Todd Residence

This entrance, embellished with a water reservoir integrating stepping stones and champak tree serves as the masterful spectacle. 

Todd Residence

Stylish Waiting and Service Areas

This prepossessing expanse also incorporates an elegant waiting area facing towards the front garden. Services including electrical, Genset & UPS rooms, laundry cum ironing room and servant block are also planned at the rear of the stilt floor so that there occurs no jeopardy with the privacy of the users.

Todd Residence


A service staircase is tailored here in order to bring in the hospitality design concept where housekeeping, maintenance and other services are segregated from the main entry. All the shafts, balconies and gardens are connected to the service staircase for easy maintenance.

Modishly Engineered Basement 

The basement while forming a perfect air for partying and rejuvenating acquires two guest bedrooms, a spectacular pool, spa and a gymnasium, bestowing a sense of gratification. 

Todd Residence

Two sunken gardens smartly engineered here ensure ample ventilation and natural light for  pool and spa at the rear and bedrooms and gym at the front.

Ground Floor

Moving towards the ground floor, the layout comprises of living area, a formal drawing room, family lounge with kitchen, dining and powder room.

Todd Residence

Inspired by the hospitality design concept, the kitchen is connected to the service staircase granting privacy to the residents. 

Todd Residence

First and Second Floor

Meandering with the design towards the first floor which constitutes three magnificent bedrooms with attached toilets and walk-in closets. The second floor embodies a master bedroom, a kids room and a lounge.

Todd Residence

Todd Residence

Todd Residence

Todd Residence


The floor possesses a connotation of a pellucid view of the terrace garden from the lounge and the room, both through glass façade.

Todd Residence

Todd Residence

Passive Design Features

Passive strategies were introduced through the use of cavity walls with insulation material like vermiculite, thermal break fenestrations with high-performance dgu glass, monolithic spray puff on the terrace for insulation purposes, horizontal and vertical shading devices and on-grid solar panels at terrace level. 

Every toilet had private greens which gave a wider appearance to the toilets while allowing abundant natural light and ventilation.

Todd Residence

Serving as an ideological retreat - an intergenerational home for social events with loved ones to harvest enduring recollections, The Illuminati has been built as a benchmark conducive to the experience and aesthetics of a luxurious residence.

Todd Residence

Project Details

Name: The Todd Residence
Architecture: Ar. Sumit Dhawan- Cityspace’ 82 Architects 
Area:1000 Sq. Yds.
Location: Gurgaon, India
Interior Design: Mr Zafar Choudhary- Habitat Architects
Photo courtesy: Mr Shiv Prakash- Easy Homes

Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Founder & Principal Architect at Cityspace’82 Architects

About the Architect

Having experience of almost two decades, Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Founder & Principal Architect at Cityspace’82 Architects, has single-handedly nurtured this firm and given it a position where it stands today. His architect father Satish Dhawan worked with CPWD and had a great exposure of the International Market. Having said that, he has done projects for politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, the residence of famous Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir. Also, his work is appreciated by developers whom he has collaborated with: DLF, Ansal Group, Orchid, Mgf are to name a few.

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