The Red Sandstone Façade of This House in Gurugram Emerges From Within The 49 Trees | Renesa

The Red Sandstone Façade of This House in Gurgaon Emerges From Within The 49 Trees | Renesa

Nestled in the outskirts of New Delhi, the recent project by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio articulates a story of a House With 49 Trees. Sprawled over an area of 10,000 sq feet and built on a trapezoidal compound, the red sandstone façade of the building evolve from around the trees. According to Sanchit Arora, the principal architect of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, the essential meaning of the project comes from a desire to empathize that there is no modernity without a good tradition. The studio’s approach was to create an imagery where architecture takes root in a site, and the site makes the architecture real and honest. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) takes you on a tour to this serene dwelling wrapped around 49 trees.

house with 49 trees

The house evolving from around the trees itself, places the built as no longer an independent object, but a medium to connect rough concrete and sandstone with soft trees, engaging a space capable of reacquainting the resident with an elusive intensity of feeling. 

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Red Sandstone Façade

Red Sandstone Façade

Red Sandstone Façade

The House of 49 Trees appears to be carved out of the trees, openly sharing the materials of its making- raw painted concrete and a vertex of red sandstone with steel slats meticulously organized to delineate itself, as if the façade has been pushed out of its form to create an additional layer. 

Red Sandstone Façade

The unique trapezoidal shape of the land, with two street facing sides, called for a design that is at ease with seeing and being seen from all sides, as well as from the inside to the outside.

Red Sandstone Façade

Spatial design strategies envisaged around this trapezoid into large rooms with wedge shaped annexes that formed in the bathrooms adding an interesting design element to an otherwise mundane space. 

Red Sandstone Façade

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Red Sandstone Façade

The Monolith Entrance

Red Sandstone Façade

The house unfolds as an anticipatory winding walk between the light walls and the monolith stone staircase that runs to the other levels of the house.

Red Sandstone Façade

Barragan Inspired Water Spout

Red Sandstone Façade

All common areas spread across the three floors overlook a splash pool and Barragan inspired water spout, clad in red sandstone, through which water cascades amidst a revelatory garden set, hidden from the outside.

Red Sandstone Façade

The greenery is woven around the house, whereby plants have been given free reign to clamber between all levels, enhancing the foundational cubic forms of the house.

Neutral Interior Tones to Complement the Surroundings

Red Sandstone Façade

A clear passage leads you to a fairly open living room, the interior of which was designed in neutral tones to create a sense of a sanctuary; one that embraces nature.

Red Sandstone Façade

The House of 49 resonates with indigenous architecture; The respectful dominance of the materials, left minimally treated and finished with staggered floors that act as vantage points and break away from the straight-lined angles of a house.

Red Sandstone Façade

The balconies protrude outwards suggesting a method of addition that welcomes shade for the pool below, whilst remaining wrapped amidst the trees. 

Red Sandstone Façade

The interior of the house was done keeping in mind the innate experiences the house and its inhabitants share.

Curated and Collected from various places, the design suggests a personalized touch as serene as the house itself. Like its users, the house matures over time. 

Conceptualized through an outside to inside philosophy, the house of 49 trees fuses architectural form and planning to the emotive quality of curating various movements within the house.

Project Details

Architecture Firm: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors , NEW DELHI,INDIA.
Category: Residential Architecture+ Interiors //2020
Built Up Area: 10,000 sq ft. 
Plot Area: 7500 sq ft.
Location: Gurgaon , NCR , New Delhi , India. 
Photographs by: Niveditaa Gupta
Clients: Dr. Vivek Khanna , Khanna Family.
Project Completion Year: 2020

Design Team

Sanjay Arora (Founder| Principal Architect), Sanchit Arora - Studio Head Architect| Concept Design Head), Vandana Arora (Interior Designer| Decor Head), Virender Singh (Studio Technical Head), Akarsh Varma  (Architect), Jagdish Bangari (Architect / Graphics), Aayush Misra (Architect), Tarun Tyagi (Architect), Tanushi Goyal (Architect), Janhvi  Ambhudkar  (Architect), Prarthna Misra (Architect), Navdisha Kukreja (Interior Designer), Anushka Arora (Architect / Text), Ayushi  Gupta (Architecture Intern).

Other Credits:

Contractor - Mr. Umesh Mehta , Mr. Jitender Kumar. 
Lighting - White Lighting Solutions 
Wardrobes/Vanities - Sezra

About the Firm

Based in New Delhi, RENESA is an award-winning creative consultancy firm dealing in Architectural & Interior design consulting across India. The firm is led by Mr. Sanjay Arora – a highly experienced and qualified licensed architect along with his son, Mr. Sanchit Arora, the Studio Head Architect at RENESA.

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