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7 Popular 3D Modelling Software in Architecture

As an architecture or engineering student, you might need to understand 3D modelling software that will allow you to enjoy a more efficient workflow by saving time. Many open-source 3D modelling software are available these days and each with its unique features. Yet there are some which are more popular than the others. To help you, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has compiled a list of the most used 3D modelling software in the architecture industry. Have a look:

Rhinoceros 3D (Rhino 3D)

3D Modelling Software For Architecture-Rhino-3D

Launched Year: 1980
Developer (s): Robert McNeel & Associates\

Rhinoceros 3D or Rhino 3D is one of the most popular software in the architecture area since its creation in 1980 due to its parametric plugins and smooth modelling features. It allows the users to enter physical models or entering into the software and get in return the 3D models and documentation of the design. The latest version of the software even allows scanning real-world data. It also provides one of the most flexible and straightforward design packages to users. Those who don’t have much time to invest in learning the complexities of CAD should opt for this software as it allows you to work with polygon meshes and point clouds. Further, you can export Rhino 3D designs into the real world through laser cutting or 3-dimensional printers.



Launched Year: 1982
Developer (s): Autodesk

Architecture professionals and students have been using Autodesk AutoCAD software for decades, and it is still one of the most favoured software in the architecture sector. We might not be wrong if we say AutoCAD software as the first step of learning and creating  3D models.  Designers usually develop drawings in this software and then transfer those drawings into more advanced modelling concepts. As it is an old and popular software, most other architecture and design packages are compatible with its files. It also allows users even to access an industry-specific version of the software for more efficient model drawings.



Launched Year: 1987
Developer (s): Graphisoft

ArchiCAD software allows you to create both 2D and 3D models. Moreover, you can incorporate several software packages into it like you can pull V-Ray into it. The most striking feature of ArchiCAD is its user-friendly nature that allows the user to learn even the basics of the software with no effort. Excellent software for architecture students to create detailed models in no time. It has several tools that allow the user to make realistic models. Moreover, designing staircases which architects find mainly tricky in large projects, this software offers inbuilt stair and rail designs.



Launched Year: 1994
Developer (s): Blender Foundation, Ton Roosendaal

Blender is a freely available 3D computer graphics tool used for animation, sculpting, photorealistic rendering, 3D printing models, and video editing. It has become quite popular among architects and students these days because of its fast speed compared to some other CAD software. Architects mostly use in the initial stages of project development. The use of parametric 3D modelling in Blender helps to accelerate the modelling process and getting things done faster.



Launched Year: 2000
Developer (s): Trimble Inc.

Sketchup is one of the most treasured 3d modelling software because of its real-world applications. It allows the user to easily and quickly create 3D designs. Since Google bought SketchUp copyrights in 2006, it has become the most sought-after in terms of cost and usability. Google has implemented several useful features in it like fetching topographical or satellite images from Google Maps into the software. You can download Sketchup for free with limited features. However, it is still helpful in making complex and professional models with much ease. It provides a user-friendly interface, which is its best pro.



Launched Year: 2000
Developer (s): Autodesk

Autodesk Revit is an all-in-one BIM software for architects to produce 2D or 3D projects. It enables users to use actual roofs, beams, walls, columns, windows, doors, and other real-world building components. This 3d-modelling software is compatible with AutoCAD, so it is quite simple to insert a DWG file and use it as a reference to start drafting your model. The main attribute of this Autodesk Revit is any change made in the model is updated in all the plans, elevations, and section views. This aids in decreasing coordination and drawing time. It also allows for scheduling different project components to make sure they get finished on time.

Fusion 360

fusion 360

Launched Year: 2013
Developer (s): Autodesk

The versatility of Fusion 360 architecture software has made it popular among architecture students and professionals. It provides an all-in-one solution. Users can pick this software for fabrication along with testing and designing. Also, it allows professionals from different sectors to work on projects simultaneously throughout its use of cloud-based structure. The cloud-feature also helps in creating a design on the desktop and sharing the same with others on a tablet or smartphone. The architects can create realistic rendered designs through this software that allows the patrons to easily visualize your work.

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