5 Sustainable Futuristic Materials that Will Transform the Face of Architecture

SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has picked five futuristic materials can reshape architecture and interior design.

Scientists are continually developing innovative products and materials to replace those that are old and not very efficient. While advanced materials for architecture, engineering, and construction have always been a double-edged sword when it comes to a healthy environment, they are crucial to reducing environmental issues. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has picked five futuristic materials that can reshape architecture and interior design. Take a look:



Aerogel often called “Frozen smoke” held 15 entries in the Guinness Book of Records, which is more than any other material due to its unbelievable features. It is one of the lightest solid material on earth that is made by supercritical drying of liquid gels of carbon, tin oxide, alumina, and chromia. Aerogel looks semi-transparent because it contains 99.8% air. It is an excellent insulating material that can stop cold and heat. It even allows you to create a warm dome on the Moon. Due to its insulating properties, it has been seen as a component of military armour.

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Metal Foam


Metal foam is an extremely strong substance that is a relatively lightweight cellular material with 75-95 percent empty space. It is formed by adding a foaming agent- powdered titanium hydride to molten aluminum.  Metal foams have been used in various applications from a lightweight construction, insulation, and car energy absorption. Due to its favourable strength to weight ratio, it has been proposed for constructing space colonies. Some metal foams are so light in weight that they even float on water. So, this is a fantastic, strong, and lightweight material for building floating cities.



It is a photosynthetic building cladding system that uses solar energy to convert carbon dioxide from the air into algae. Thus, it is a valuable resource to remove pollutants from the atmosphere and improves urban air quality. It is a robust, lightweight, transparent, and chemically inert material that helps to transform buildings into bio-power plants.

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ALON or Aluminium Oxynitride is an optically transparent ceramic composed of aluminium, nitrogen and oxygen. ALON is a sturdy material that has the potential even to obstruct the impact of a bullet and therefore, several military defence companies are working on creating armour through this material. The material also finds a wide range of applications in transparent domes to cover ballistic missiles, armoured windows for vehicles, and more.



CO2 is the primary source of global warming in the atmosphere, and concrete, which is used in buildings, sewers, highways and several other structures is mainly responsible for 5 percent of the world’s annual carbon dioxide production. Novacem is a breakthrough new type of cement that is consisted of Magnesium Silicate- a compound that can reduce CO2 emissions.

What do you think about these materials? Or you have any other material in your mind that should have made the list, let us know in the comments.

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