The Ellipsicoon Pavillion made with woven strands of 100% recyclable polyethylene

UNStudio | Ellipsicoon pavilion

Designed by the Dutch architecture firm UNStudio, this ‘Ellipsicoon’ pavilion is a mobile structure conceived as a place of retreat, rest and mindfulness. The practice used 100 percent recyclable material- high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to construct this stunning structure. Highly skilled craftsmen handwoven it after it was designed and developed by the firm digitally. Interesting. Isn’t? scroll down to read more about this pavilion at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Dutch Architecture Firm

Titled Ellipsicoon due to its elliptical and cocoon-like shape, the structure offers a tranquil and secluded space for either solitary moments of rest, contemplation, sit, play and read or a cocoon-like theatre for conversation and communication. 


This enclosed and semi-enclosed, sunlit and shaded allows you to immerse in nature fully. As said by the firm, "The Ellipsicoon pavilion is a space for the mind, for moments of ephemeral escape, for rumination or for simply being."

Design Details

Its curved sides are made from 100 percent recyclable strands of HDPE that taper inwards as they rise, with the rounded openings that blurs the boundaries between inner and outer space, permitting the person to connect with nature and the surroundings.

There is a sunken seating area, which also follows the fluid contours of the space, giving the visitor an enclosed and open feeling altogether.


The firm designed The Ellipsicoon as part of its Revolution Precrafted transportable pavilion series. These are collectible structures, whose primary functions are designed to complement existing spaces.




Project Details

Project Name: Ellipsicoon Pavilion, 2015-2018
Architect: UNStudio
Design Team: Ben van Berkel with Ren Yee and Philipp Meise, Peng Wang
Location: Non site-specific
Dimension: 5.70m l x 4.10m w x 2.60m h
Floor area: 15 sqm
Program: Limited edition retreat pavilion
Status: Completed
Photo Courtesy: Revolution Precrafted

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