Each Lumber Tile in the London Timber Pavilion is Cut, Laminated And Air-Pressed By Hand | Schiller Projects

London Timber Pavilion | Schiller Projects

US-based architecture firm Schiller Projects fabricated and assembled the London Timber Pavilion entirely in-house, utilizing air press technology. Each of the veneer lumber tiles in this pavilion was cut, laminated and air-pressed by hand with precision by Weber Industries. The result is a display of self-supporting timber design that allows light and air to pass through while shedding rain away from the inside. It is the first project by the firm that has been constructed completely in the middle of COVID summer. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) finds this project quiet awe-inspiring and worthy to be shared with the readers. Take a look:

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Wood Veneer Wall Tiles

Located in South London, the project focuses on the mindful redevelopment of two outdoor terraces. Outdoor terraces are envisioned as outdoor spaces that allow the dwellers to enjoy more time spent outside while in the city.

Design Process

The project looks to move beyond a separate language of ornament and frame (think: Philip Johnson’s Roofless Church) by merging them into a single coherent system. 

Wood Veneer Wall Tiles

The pavilion, placed on the first terrace, was constructed by steam bending single oak petals to form a self-supporting canopy. Each petal is crafted utilizing a single mould to ensure cost efficiency and minimal waste. 

Wood Veneer Wall Tiles

The curvature of the structure is fabricated possible by uniquely milling each petal, using the computer model. What would otherwise contain such a herculean complication is in fact a simplified fabrication exercise that was cost and energy-efficient.

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Air press technology has been used to laminate the 1.4mm structural oak veneers. Each of the veneer lumber tile zin this pavilion was cut, laminated and air-pressed by hand with precision by Weber Industries.  

Wood Veneer Wall Tiles

The tiles are uniquely made from a single standard sheet. This process resulted in unlimited possibilities for differentiation between the tiles. The shape of the tiles and the shell respond directly to light, wind and rain patterns on the site to optimize for comfort and use year-round.

To promote Wellness and Reduce the carbon footprint

The firm’s research energy was directed toward creating self-supporting and sustainable timber structures that increase the wellness of the clients. Along with this, they also wanted to promote wholly sustainable methods of hand-crafted and digital fabrication.

Wood Veneer Wall Tiles 

The firm worked on a 3-way transatlantic operation to eliminate the materials that hold more embodied carbon. By using considered material selections and construction methodologies, the firm fulfilled its aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the project and hand-delivered the fabricated structure successfully on site.

Project Details

Architecture Firm: Schiller Projects
Location: London, GB
Year of Completion: 2020
Project Partner: Novak Hiles Architects, Weber Industries 
Photo Courtesy: French and Tye
Text and Image Courtesy: Schiller projects Facebook page

About the firm

Schiller Projects is an award-winning design firm with a broad range of projects include a range of buildings and spaces from residential to commercial and art spaces to product development and branding. The studio is located in Manhattan with projects across the US as well as in Europe.

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