ESSCO by Jaquar Group’s launches new TVCs | Surfaces Reporter

Continuing the legacy of long-lasting product range, the Jaquar Group under the brand, ESSCO introduces two new TVCs adding a cross-generation appeal for the brand on the occasion of the 60th anniversary. The company offers a diverse range of bathroom solutions with 10-years warranty and impeccable customer service. This commercial captures the sense of nostalgia one gets while using a product through three generations—a grandfather, his son, and grandson. In the words of Sandeep Shukla, head marketing and communication-global operations of the Jaquar Group, “Our new communications reflect the unfailing trust our consumers have placed in us over these years.” The message is beautifully conveyed through a video that highlights how habits traverse through generations just like Jaquar products keep on providing the most delightful experiences through generations.

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