The viability of Adaptive Reuse | Ar Manish Gulati in conversation with Surfaces Reporter | Talk of Town, Delhi

“Carbon footprint is maximum generated by architecture and construction industry. A building which has a lot of memory attached to it, instead of demolishing it, the best way forward is to Adaptively Reuse it by giving new functions which would not only reduce the carbon footprint but also make them alive once again.”- Ar Manish Gulati, Principal, M:OFA, Delhi

Ar. Manish Gulati is the Principal and Founding partner of M:OFA, (Manifestation of Fluid Architecture ). His experience span from designing Accessories/ products , Exhibitions , Retail, Residences to National Institutional projects, Sports stadiums, Hospitality and residential. The studio reflects his innate ability to remain abreast with technology, his deep love for the arts and sensitivity towards life. In an exclusive conversation during the Talk of the Town, Delhi, he spoke on various contemporary topics; one of them being the Adaptive Reuse. 
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