BRAND BUZZ | Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows & Doors | Vertica Dvivedi, Surfaces Reporter

SR BRAND BUZZ | Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel Windows & Doors | With Vertica Dvivedi, Surfaces Reporter | RISING FROM 2020, OPENING WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITIES | Story of a #leader​ in #BuildingMaterials​ who did not sit quiet during covid days of 2020! 

Like many other leaders, Mario faced grave challenges.

"I decided not to just sit quiet and play Ludo but to get into serious action," he shared. Though he sprang into action during the uncertain days, Mario felt sandwiched between two challenges - one, the raw material prices were skyrocketing, and two, the end-users were expecting serious lowering of prices.

On top of all that, the third challenge was fixed and unavaoidable. It was about the company's ethos of never-compromising on quality. So what did he do about the quality, price, and projects that were in the pipeline? How did he create the new projects pipeline in a totally changed market situation?

While India and the world are still struggling with the challenges led by COVID, #SurfacesReporter​ is compiling amazing stories of inspiration with the recent learnings from the leaders for helping the business fraternity.

Rise & Shine!

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