LIVE: SR Rising Star - Ar. Thakur Udayveer Singh, @Spaceracearchitects | SURFACES REPORTER

LIVE: SR Rising Star of the Month, Ar. Thakur Udayveer Singh, @Spaceracearchitects | 22 July (Thu) | 6:45 PM | SURFACES REPORTER

About Ar. Thakur Udayveer Singh, Principal, Spacerace Architects:

Spacerace provides a full range of architecture and interior design services ranging from residential, commercial, office building, hotel, cultural, educational, and health institutions. He has influenced many hearts by designing his own childhood school – Innocent hearts School in Jalandhar. Passionate and creative, Udayveer has designed a host of luxurious projects. He was ranked as the Most Innovative Young Principal Architect in Punjab by Prime Time Global Business and leadership awards, also amongst 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the city besides many more accolades.

Let’s hear more from the man of the moment himself, Thakur Udayveer Singh in an interaction with Vertica Dvivedi, Editor-in-Chief, SURFACES REPORTER...


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WHEN: 22 July (Thursday), 6:45 PM

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