Studio Gang Designs Timber Arbor Workspace For the Westbank Campus | San Jose

Studio Gang will Create Timber Arbor Workspace For the Westbank Campus | San Jose

Arbor by multi-award-winning American architect Jeanne Gang- the founder and principal architect of Studio Gang is a modern workplace design in the heart of San Jose in California, USA. The firm incorporated the ecology and geology of the location in designing the 'Arbor' framework for the Westbank Campus. The firm seeks to present a new model for how a usual office can lower climate change by integrating biodiversity. The project features a mass timber facade that will offer shaded outer spaces for the offices. The use of timber will substantially diminish the building's embodied carbon footprint compared to traditional structures like concrete or steel by 35%. In addition, it will also help to reduce the physical weight of the structure. The project aims to achieve the LEED Platinum because of its sustainable features and is expected to be completed in 2024. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) presents here more about this extensive project below.

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Positioned at the north-western edge of downtown San Jose, Arbor indicates another level of Silicon Valley's evolution by re-using the rich ecological heritage of the Valley. Jeanne Gang said that she was attracted to the project because its objective focuses on various climatic issues. 


The 750,000 ft2 area of the structure contains the existing Davidson Building in the vicinity. Instead of substituting it, the building will be joined with Arbor through strategic openings, bridges and a new façade system. The new building will create a connection between the past, present and future design techniques along with helping in mitigating the carbon emissions and making it more sustainable and greener. 


Design Details

The project features green walls, green roofs and vegetated trellises that can filter the air, lessen the urban heat island effect, increase habitat and lower energy use for active cooling.

arbor-studio-jeanne-gang-westbank-campus-san-jose-While the terraced corners will provide a link to the outdoors on each floor/ Further, the reduced floor plate depth optimizes natural sunlight and air ventilation in the offices.

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Mass Timber Facade

The Cross-Laminated Timber panels (CLT) and the tensile concrete shear wall system will strengthen the structure while opening up to highlight storefronts at the building's base.

They will also add to the seismic strength, acoustic insulation and fire resistance features of the structure. 


The integrating timber gives a dynamic structure for gardens, terraces, and stairwells with lush flora and fauna and panoramic views of Silicon Valley. 

Wood Screens

Wood screens on the exterior of the building used for solar shading allow moderate natural daylighting to enter the space and lower the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting within the structure. 


The south and north facades contain horizontal and diagonal fins, while the west and east facades have diagonal and vertical fins to lower solar heat gain. 

The newly designed balconies around the Davidson Building will also offer necessary shading to provide greater comfort for dwellers.

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Sustainable Structure

The architect has tried to use passive environmental strategies in the project that works in tandem with advanced green systems, materials, and energy harvesting to get a LEED Platinum level of performance. 


The organic framework intercepted with greenery and a harmonious landscape of terraces will help recreate the past richness of biodiversity in Silicon Valley.


Apart from the workspaces and outdoor space strategies within Arbor, interstitial spaces sit between the indoor and outdoor areas where people and nature can flourish.

Project Details

Location: San Jose, Ca, USA
Status: In Design
Client: Westbank
Type: Office
Structural Type: Mass Timber Hybrid
Size: 750,000 Ft2
Sustainability: Targeting LEED Platinum
Expected Completion Date: 2024
Visualizations: Aesthetica, Courtesy Of Studio Gang
Source: |

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