A Sneak Peek of Spicewadi Restaurant As Ar Harshil Dhirawani Takes Us Through The Most Vital Elements of Restaurant Interior Design | Panvel

Architect Harshil J Dhirawani of Thought Design Architects Shares The Most Vital Elements of Restaurant Interior Design

A beautiful and breathtaking space that diners flock to is every restaurant owner's dream. While designing a fine dining restaurant, it falls upon an architect or interior designer to incorporate the striking design elements that offer the customers an excellent first impression when they step inside it and motivate them to return frequently. Architect Harshil J Dhirawani of Thought Design Architects shares with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) some of the most crucial elements of a stunning restaurant interior design as he showcases his new project SPICEWADI, Panvel. Have a delightful read:


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Stunning Restaurant Interior Design

Designing a restaurant is like creating a design for two clients at the same time. The restaurant owner, who is a personal client and the other patrons are the guests visiting the respective restaurant. So, it is required to design something inventive involving colours and varied arts that impresses the restaurateur and etches on the memory of the guests at the same time. The ambience should be warm and cosy that complements the meals served to the customers. 

With their design aesthetic, designers today try to create immersive environments that may have some nostalgia because eating in a restaurant is about more than food. People want to escape from their usual home dining environment. The restaurant of today is a destination that offers culinary satisfaction along with a cultural experience. 

Create Cool and Pleasant Ambience

Planning and furniture placement are the key elements that play the most vital role in getting a well-designed, sophisticated, and royal contemporary fine dining restaurant. However, accommodating modern furniture and modern design to the restaurant doesn't make it perfect and contemporary. One needs to create an ambience, stylish and relaxed atmosphere to give the guests a comfortable and pleasing area. 


Expressive And Memorable Interior Design

The interior design of the restaurant should be expressive and memorable. Modern interior design goes far beyond the stereotypical colour scheme. Strong contrasts constitute a significant part of contemporary interior design to give it an impressive and stylish look. 

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The Colour Scheme

A modern restaurant should have a colour palette that includes one or two dominant colours, with touches of a contrasting colour to add interest to the overall decors and space. For example, you may go for a red and white or yellow and white combination or add the flavour of the mirror in between a few places.

Spicewadi-thought-design-architects-surfaces-reporterUsing a Mirror, texture in the interior gives the touch of a rich feel. In addition, the earthen colour on the table and the rustic glossy floor of grey give the impression of modern design. So, in the restaurant interior architecture, one should move away from the minimalist tones to more rich, bright and saturated colours.

Right Type of Materials 

One of the best ways to create a modern restaurant interior and required ambience is by using suitable materials.

Stunning Restaurant Interior Design

There are various materials and products available, from steel to reclaimed wood, that one can choose from. However, due to the recent trends towards sustainable architecture and design, many architects and owners opt for natural materials for their space to create soothing interiors and bring up the natural environment from where their food is coming.

Restaurant Styling

When done with furniture planning, plan layout, materials and other physical accessories, it is essential to handle the styling part in a sophisticated and modern way.

Spicewadi-thought-design-architects-surfaces-reporterA contemporary restaurant interior relies on geometric shapes, including squares and rectangles, along with graceful curves at times. 

Proper Seating Arrangements

In planning, one should take care of the sitting arrangements. For instance, there should be different types of seating for the different types of people visiting the restaurants, such as sofa sitting, high back sitting and community seating.

Spicewadi-thought-design-architects-surfaces-reporterThere should be separate spaces in restaurants for families, allowing them to arrange a small private party for friends and relatives.

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The Art of Illumination 

Last but not least, the final touch comes with the illumination effects and artwork provided to the restaurant's cosy space.

Spicewadi-thought-design-architects-surfaces-reporterAbstract and impressionist paintings and photography are best for a modern restaurant with profound and unique decorative focus lights. Creative placement of hanging lights from the ceiling, hanging art on the walls, etc., is like adding spice to the flavour of the modernized way of styling and design. Keep the lights dim but focused.

So, the smooth blend of planning, furniture accommodation, light effects, untold styling effects, innovative art pieces, and wonderful ceiling and floor treatment is the secret recipe to achieve the best of the modern restaurant.

By incorporating the elements mentioned above in restaurant interior design, customers become more interested in the culture and values of the restaurant they are eating in. 

*The article has been provided by Harshil J Dhirawani of Thought design architects. The pictures used in the article are of restaurant project "Spicewadi" designed by Thought Design Architects.


Harshil J Dhirawani, Principal Architect and Founder, Thought design architects

Project Details

Project Name: SPICEWADI
Project Type:  Fine Dine And Garden Restaurant.
Architecture Firm: Thought Design Architects
Principal Architect: Harshil J Dhirawani & Amruta H Dhirawani
Client Name: Mr. Santosh Shetty
Contractor: Mr. Mahesh
Restaurant Area: Approx 15000sqft (Restaurant plus banquet)
Location: Panvel (Raigad)

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