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With wooden flooring
If  you're looking to make some changes to your house, consider starting with the floors. Wood flooring is an appealing choice of many homeowners. It adds a sense of character, warmth and texture to your home.

With wooden flooring- There are multiple options to choose from, such as solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. With added benefits like high durability and extra comfort during winters, wood flooring is very trendy. A range of colours and patterns are available with customization options. When installed correctly, wood flooring will make your rooms look elegant. 

If you're curious about which kind of flooring will be perfect for your room, you've come to the right place. Surfaces Reporter (SR) has come up with this awesome piece to help you discover some design ideas that you can incorporate in your house.

1) Choose a colour pallette: Choosing a specific colour and pattern is very important. Various patterns appear on the wood depending on the way it was cut. The foundation of the room starts with the floor. Decide on the colour that will give a strong impact. Lighter shades will add more space to the room unlike darker shades. 

2) Choose material based on rooms: Measure the floor area properly before buying. Leave space for the floor to expand. There are varieties of unfinished and site finished wood floors. For smaller rooms, choose light coloured wood flooring. This will make the room look spacious. Dark colours make the room look compact. Keep in mind that hardwood floors are loud. These can also start creaking with changes in the temperature. Place rugs near the areas to muffle the sounds. With a better finish, some wooden flooring gets the feature of anti-bacterial growth and dirt repelling. 

3) Maintain a balance with furniture:  Too much wood in the room can make you feel overwhelmed. Balance it out using some furniture. Cabinets, shelves, etc can be painted in a different colour to add a different texture and character to the room. Incorporate furniture of different texture like leather, fabric, metal, concrete and more, to tie everything together. 

4) Seamless wood pattern: Form seamless patterns throughout the floors without using any dividers. If you don't use multiple types of wood, the floor will appear more spacious. Avoid installing planks as consistency makes the floor appear appealing and chic. If you don't like the seamless pattern, go for a bold and contrasting pattern using two colours of wood. Even though wooden flooring is expensive, it provides a beautiful and timeless aesthetic. 

5) Add a few things for extra texture: Add some more texture to the floor by using mats, carpets or rugs. A striped mat near the kitchen floor or a faux fur rug in the living room looks great. Applying a layer of finishing to the wood will give you a shiny and glossy texture. Repeated footsteps on the floor can hurt your feet. Soften the impact by using rugs. These will add comfort and warmth to the floor. 

6) Light up the rooms with dark wood floors: Dark wood looks best in rooms with a lot of windows. When installed in white or light coloured rooms, the room gives a luxurious feel. The light and dark combination is very trendy and modern. Paint up the cabinets, drawers, walls or window frames in white for a richer look. 

7) Special features to look out for: For areas with heavy foot traffic, choose a hardwood floor. Oak is an attractive and durable option. For warm climates, wood flooring gives a cool underfoot. You will find water and dust resistant features in many woods which means low maintenance is required. There will be no stains after an accidental spillage. Hardwood floors are a better choice for allergy sufferers. In carpets, dust and different kinds of allergens stick to it. In case of hardwood floors, these particles have nowhere to hide. Engineered hardwood is a great pet friendly option as it's highly durable and gets less wear and tear. 

8) Proper maintenance for clean and beautiful floors: Make some changes around the house for maintenance of the floors. Buy protectors for the bottom of your furniture. This will help with the scratches while moving furniture. Use mats near the entrance in case you bring water spills from the outside. To remove any kind of abrasive material like dust, small stones, etc,  sweep or vacuum regularly. Use gentle cleaners that are approved for floors with refinished hardwood. Long exposure of sunlight can bleach the floors. Use curtains or drapes to protect the finishing of the floors.

Floors are the foundation of the room. Use these ideas for a smooth and beautiful installation of wooden floors. This will make your house shine brighter and look classier. 


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