This Serene and Minimal Ornamented Penthouse in Ahmedabad Designed to be a Getaway From City Stress | Marigold Interiors


Principal designer Kshama Parmar of Marigold Interiors has designed this spacious and airy penthouse away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the tranquil location of Ahmedabad. The design studio gave a traditionalized modern touch to the interiors by incorporating sublime colours that underscore the furnishings and other elements in the house. The clients who have stayed in a bungalow were used to the spaciousness. Hence the idea was to provide clear circulation spaces that break the movement least possibly.  Further, ornamentation was kept minimal- that included the primarily indirect lighting and continuous air circulation which maintained the serenity of the house. The firm shared more info about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look:

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One of the major challenges faced while designing this house was the bathrooms. Because the building was designed by German architects Blocher partners, they had a very specific style of doing plumbing work which restricted us from changing the plumbing points according to our requirement.


The area is given for bathrooms also wasn’t big enough, hence glass sliders were given majorly to divide the spaces without making the area look small and maintaining the sleekness at the same time.

marigold-interiors-surfaces-reporterSimilarly, because of the requirement to give more openness, the areas between the dining, kitchen, and living were also partitioned using the German technology 9 ft tall glass sliders so the vision would not be blocked and the prominent smell from cooking could be obstructed.

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Traditionalized Modern House

With the concept of designing the house in a traditionalized modern way, the firm went for a natural palette for the flooring by choosing Kota stone in the size of 4x4 ft which is a rare size thereby bringing uniqueness to it.


“To prevent the dullness from appearing, we gave river finish to the stone which went together beautifully with the entire rustic theme of the house,” said the architect.


Irregular Stone Panelling

The otherwise simple material palette of Kota stone and wood is accentuated by self-made textured walls of rough plaster and brick.

marigold-interiors-surfaces-reporterTo add to the colour scheme of the house, instead of doing the typical wooden panelling, the firm designed the panelling by using irregular sized and thickness handmade cut stones from the mines which weighed 1600kgs.

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There was an Ac grill on the fly-ash wall hence the wall wasn’t connected to the slab which made it structurally impossible to rely on the load of the stones on it. For that, an entire MS structure was created where ply was used in between, and on that the stones were fixed through a very high bonding adhesive.


So, this house has a very traditionalized modern touch to it where the furniture and other elements are highlighted strongly because of the subtle use of colours on the flooring and walls.

Project Details

Project Name: Skydeck Select
Firm Name: Marigold Interiors
Principal designer: Kshama Parmar
Location: Ahmedabad
  • Text and images are provided by the architects

About the Firm

Established in 2008, Marigold Interiors is the leading Interior Designing and Architecture Industry under the leadership of Founder and Principal, Kshama Parmar. With more than 200+ clients spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to vouch for their work and commitment, Marigold Interior has managed to stay ahead of the competitive curve because of its perfect balance between the client expectations and the unique design concepts.

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